Prince Rupert Port Authority gathers input on Cow Bay development

The Prince Rupert Port Authority completed meetings with a variety of stakeholders about what should be done in Cow Bay.

After putting forward a proposal to purchase land in Cow Bay, namely the parking lot across from Atlin Terminal and the grassy hill leading to Northland Terminal, the Prince Rupert Port Authority completed meetings with a variety of stakeholders about what should be done in Cow Bay.

Meetings took place with representatives from the business sector, agencies and community service groups, heritage representatives, local First Nations, environmental groups, recreation and tourism stakeholders and those involved in learning and culture. The meetings looked at visions for Cow Bay Development as a whole and on December 5 a report on the meetings was released outlining just some of the discussions that took place, and it shows a wide variety of ideas for the area.

On the business side of things, common comments included inviting businesses that operate year round, enticing businesses like laundromats and a smaller grocery store that could service the marine industry, and encouraging the development of smaller spaces to encourage more boutique-type businesses to the area.

There was also a comment on constructing residential developments in the area to encourage businesses to remain open past 5:30 p.m.

Other common comments focussed more on the community use side of the Cow Bay lands. These included the need for more public washrooms in the area, providing more covered areas for performances, events and outdoor activities, providing a place for community meetings, the installation of more park benches and providing more spaces with electrical and water service.

On the tourism side of things, there was a desire to post more signage that displays history and ecology of the area, restore older buildings of historical importance, and the idea of showcasing the fishing industry that could include encouraging fishermen to sell their catch at the docks.

The report has been sent down to MGB Architects of Vancouver who will be using feedback to craft a plan for Cow Bay. According to the Prince Rupert Port Authority, the plan will come back early in the new year and will be made public to allow residents to view the concepts and provide feedback on what they see going forward.