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Prince Rupert Port Authority dispute Trigon’s plans to expand into LPG

The terminal primarily exports coal, though expressed its desires to diversify its exports Nov. 10

After Trigon Terminals Ltd. announced its plans to expand its operations to liquid petroleum gas (LPG) last week, the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) has disputed its ability to make the planned changes.

Trigon released plans to turn its current coal export terminal into an LPG, though their plans could be stifled by a planned LPG development from Vopak and AltaGas.

In a statement to The Northern View, the PRPA said Trigon is unable to expand its LPG operations on its leased lands.

“The PRPA is the landlord of Trigon’s leased property on Ridley Island, and has the responsibility to provide consent for specific cargoes being moved through or stored on any of its properties. PRPA has not given Trigon consent to expand its permitted uses on its leased property beyond its current portfolio,” said PRPA Director of Communications Monika Côté.

However, Trigon CEO Rob Booker told The Northern View the company is confident it can sort out the squabble between the two entities.

“In reference to the dispute ongoing with the PRPA over our ability to export LPG, we believe that Trigon’s lease clearly allows us to apply for the product and we believe that it clearly obliges the PRPA to reasonably consider that and permit us to ship LPG,” said Booker.

The PRPA have reportedly given exclusive rights to AltaGas and Vopak for their joint Ridley Island Energy Export Facility (REEF) project, set to reach a final investment decision in the spring of next year.

“PRPA has provided time-limited exclusive rights for the export of LPG to the REEF, a joint venture between Vopak and AltaGas, that will facilitate the export of LPG, methanol, and other bulk liquids,” Côté said.

“The provision of exclusive rights for specific cargoes enables the certainty required to advance large capital projects through long development periods, secure investment in vital trade infrastructure, and fulfill PRPA’s mandate.”

About the Author: Seth Forward, Local Journalism Initiative

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