Prince Rupert Marine Vessel Registry office closing

Prince Rupert is losing its Marine Registry office as a result of government cutbacks.

Prince Rupert is losing its Marine Registry office as a result of government cutbacks, meaning any vessel registration will need to be mailed out to Ottawa for processing.

Transport Canada is centralizing vessel registration in Ottawa. This will allow for more effective and efficient program delivery. Regional offices will be closed, but services will still be delivered to owners across the country,” said Transport Canada Media Relations manager Patrick Charette, noting that any changes to vessel registration have yet to take effect and more information will be forthcoming.

Vessel owners are to maintain their current point of contact unless notified otherwise. New contacts for vessel registration will be communicated to vessel owners as implementation unfolds.”

The Marine Registry office is currently located at the Ocean Centre Mall to serve people on the north coast. The decision to close the office is one Skeena – Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says will have a big impact on current and future boat owners on the north coast.

What this means is life becomes more of a hassle…We’re talking to operators on the coast to see what the implications are,” he said, also taking aim at the lack of discussion on the subject.

We had no idea this was coming. Were the people involved talked to there could have been a different solution looked at…This is something the government certainly didn’t run on.”