Port numbers down in February when compared to last year

The port authority’s numbers for February 2011 shows that the amount of goods being shipped to and from the Prince Rupert harbour was down significantly when compared to a year before.

In February, the port imported 10,557.5 TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent unit, or one average sized cargo container), a 32.1 per cent decrease from February of last year. The port exported 7,948.8 TEUs, which is a decrease of 34.5 per cent from last year.

The Prince Rupert grain terminal moved 236,512 tonnes of wheat last month, which was 41.8 per cent less than the amount that was shipped last year. Canola however saw a 3.3 per cent increase to 64,455 tonnes in February.  It did however ship 52,100.1 tones of canola meal when it had shipped none in February 2010.

Ridley Terminal saw its shipments of M. Coal go up 75.8 per cent to 503,586 tonnes, while shipments of T. Coal fell 64.5 per cent. Ridley’s shipments of wood pellets decreased 67.8 per cent, and the terminal didn’t ship any petroleum coke at all, although it shipped nearly 50,000 of it a year before.

The amount of timber coming out Prince Rupert took a massive jump from last year with 54,614 logs being exported from the City; an increase of  621.8 per cent.