Port Edward Councillor Christine Mackenzie

Port Edward Councillor Christine Mackenzie

Port Edward council discusses 50th anniversary party, video and story

The councillors discussed updates on the 50th anniversary of the District of Port Ed being incorporated into the regional district

A short and sweet District of Port Edward Council meeting wrapped up on Feb. 23 with its final business for February, passing two motions offering financial support.

The District agreed to give $250 in gift certificates to the Prince Rupert Minor Hockey Association (PRMHA) to support a tournament the novice house division is hosting in the first week of March.

Another $250 will be offered as a gift certificate to the Prince Rupert Middle School concert band for an ‘80s and ‘90s themed dance fundraiser and loonie auction that happened on Feb. 27 at the Moose Hall. The school is raising money to send 25 students to Edmonton’s Cantando Music Festival in April. Kristy Tillman, the band director, said the estimated cost will be $1,000 per student.

“It’s the first time they’ve gone. This is my tenth year here and we always go to the music festival in Terrace and I thought maybe we’d go a bit further. Now is a good time, they’re performing well,” Tillman said.

The manager at Community Futures Pacific Northwest, John Farrell, also attended to announce that the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce will host a lunch on “responsible development and LNG”.

The luncheon took place this past Tuesday, with Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald regrettably absent due to illness.

“The trip over to Malaysia is what changed my mind,” MacDonald said at the council meeting adding he now feels better about liquefied natural gas development coming to the area.

Councillor Christine Mackenzie also spoke about attending another pro-industry lunch directed at encouraging women to seek equal opportunities when industry, specifically LNG, comes to the North Coast. She was one of the speakers at the Women’s Leadership Network launch on Feb. 18 as a representative of the District.

“I’m a believer in it. I see how things have changed when women get on boards and the growth for the boards and the look on mens’ faces, ‘oh I never thought of that’. I think that’s positive for industry, work and community,” Mackenzie said.

She has been a councillor for 15 years and has worked with men on numerous boards and she is a strong believer that it can work. “I’ve done it.”

“I hope that those women at home and those who can help our community step up and go and get any kind of extra training, build some confidence and just get back out there and be who you really are,” Mackenzie said.

The councillors also discussed updates on the upcoming 50th anniversary of the District of Port Edward being incorporated into the regional district.

The North Pacific Cannery has been booked for dinner, dances and bands to throw a concert. Rupert band, Triple Bypass will be there, as well as a band from Texas.

The East Indian dancers agreed to perform, and the District will also ask the Lion Dancers and First Nations dancers to come. There will be games for the children and people will be bused to the cannery.

Planning began last summer, and there is still more fundraising before the event kicks off from June 24 – 25.