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PODCAST: This Net Zero Home includes Solar Power

TODAY IN BC: HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with Chris Wimbles of Perspective Homes by Pacific and homeowner, Drew Bonnell, sharing their experiences building their first net zero home including solar power.

‘You hear it all the time, communication. Because this was a complex project and because we had so many moving parts with so many people involved, if there were challenges, it was through a lack of communication rather than too much communication. You know the old adage, there’s just no stupid questions. Just get it out there, let’s air it, talk about it, and then it’ll save time and money later,’ says Drew Bonnell, homeowner.

The goals of this project were to build a design forward, future-proof home with sustainable features using renewable energy as progressive as possible, within the available budget. As the plan progressed, it became obvious, net zero was within reach with lots of lessons learned along the way.

‘From a building standpoint, what we’ve really learned is the importance of having as many design decisions and as many final product decisions from the onset. Obviously, there’s always going to be things that change, but really, if you are a homeowner and you want to build something, try to figure out what it is you want and invest in the pre-construction design process of the project… especially with all the supply chain issues that we’re still having in the industry, it’s critical that you work with a schedule and in a way that that can get it all achieved.’ Chris Wimble, Perspective Homes by Pacific.

Offering a first-hand perspective to building a high-performance home for the first time, you will hear tips on how to build more resilient homes with a lighter impact on the environment.

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