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PODCAST: Things get real during the demo stage for homeowners

TODAY IN BC: Following the Burden family through their real time renovation

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Finishing ahead of the two-week schedule, both good and concerning issues impacting the budget came up, including a hiccup on day one.

Host Jennifer-Lee Gunson of ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’ rides the reno wave of emotions with Skyla and Justin Burden as they make financial and design decisions after the walls are opened.

“On this project we’re working with a fixed budget and fixed scope of work,” said Alex Dumitru of Level One Construction. “If there are unknowns you can have an allowance but you can’t know or provide for all the unknowns, so this is not realistic. It’s more about being as meticulous as possible in the pre-planning process and budget planning stage, and then as the unknowns come up, we communicate budget implications, and if it should be done now, or if it can be done another time.”

Homeowner Skyla Burden added: “People looking to renovate need to understand the budget will fluctuate throughout the project. Yes, the roof was a surprise, but we started thinking we would be having a full bathroom renovation upstairs, but as the engineering requirements changed that design, we saved money there.”

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