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Pembina donates to Prince Rupert Fire Dept.

New fire equipment will improve safety in Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert Fire Rescue participated in a live demonstration on March 1, of two new specialty fire nozzles, for which Pembina contributed a monetary donation enabling the purchase of the new equipment. (Photo: K-J Millar)

Pembina is contributing to the local community’s safety by a monetary donation covering the cost of two specialty fire hose nozzles purchased by the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue department.

In a live demonstration on March 1, representatives from both organizations witnessed the ‘Blitz’ fire nozzles in action. With a price range of just less than $10,000 for both, the nozzles are different from the current ones on hand at the detachment as the water sprays in a wider arc, reaching close to 200 feet in length.

“These new ground monitors flow high volumes of water, about 500 gallons per minute - so they put out a lot of fire there,” Chad Cooper, deputy fire chief said.

Cooper said the new equipment can be set up and then run unmanned which will improve the safety of the firefighters.

“With Pembina’s facility, if they had any pipe flange leaks, we could pool exposures and protect their assets without putting a firefighter in a hazard zone,” Cooper said.

“The intent is that the fire department will be better equipped for a facility such as ours in the event that we needed them to react,” Craig Hilton, terminal manager at Pembina said. “And then that also enables them to be used in the local community here as well.”

 K-J Millar | Journalist 
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Prince Rupert Fire Cpt. Jon Bonneschranz demonstrates the new fire safety nozzles for hoses on March 1, which will allow for increased safety of firefighters at hazard scenes. The nozzles can spray water up to 200 feet and money for the purchase was donated to the department by Pembina. (Photo: K-J Millar/The Northern View)