Ocean’s Fish plant in Prince Rupert closing down

The Oceans Fish plant in Prince Rupert will be closing down.

The Ocean’s Fish plant in Prince Rupert will be closing down.

Staff at the plant received notice of the planned closure on Tuesday, but what that means for those at the plant remains unclear.

“What we have done is told the workforce that we will be consolidating our operations into the Oceanside and Seal Cove plants. We will be looking to relocate workers at the plant to one of the other two operations,” explained Canfisco VP Rob Morley, noting that he can’t say at this point if any jobs will be lost as a result of the move.

“We have to sit down with the union and discuss what the time frame is. We have to give at least 60 days notice, but there is no firm time-frame at this point.:

As for the future of the Oceans Fish plant buildings, Morley said it isn’t likely to be kept.

“The structure is older and becoming expensive to maintain. I think if we want to remain viable and employ as many people as possible in Prince Rupert we have to work with the plants that are in better condition,” he said.

Canfisco and Ocean’s Fish moved to a single management structure last summer.

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