The new city council at their first meeting in December 2011.   (Left to right) Jennifer Rice

The new city council at their first meeting in December 2011. (Left to right) Jennifer Rice

New Prince Rupert city council meets for first time

The Prince Rupert city council met for the first time on Monday to decide who will sit on what committees and boards.


The newly-elected Prince Rupert city council had their first meeting on Monday to sort out the appointment of councillors to the different boards and committees that the city has representatives on.

Jack Mussallem will not be returning to represent the city on the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Board. Council decided to re-appoint councillor Nelson Kinney to sit on the board along with first-time board member Anna Ashley.

Mussallem says that he has done all he can with regional district, and declined to be one of the alternate board members.

“I’ve straightened that regional district out, I’ve had it reorganized, we’ve got more staff there, they’re doing a better service and I’ve done what i could there. So I don’t think there’s any point of me participating. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to get new people on the regional district board,” says Mussalle.

Judy Carlick-Pearson and Gina Garon were appointed as the alternate board members.

The appointees to the Regional Hospital District board of directors are usually the same as those appointed to the regional district because it runs the hospital district. Nelson Kinney was appointed to the hospital district board but Anna Ashley said she could not be on the board which meets on Friday mornings. Instead, newly elected councillor Jennifer Rice was appointed to the hospital district.

The next appointments on the list were to the northwest regional advisory committee for the Northern Development Initiative Trust; a body that provides grant money to municipalities and districts for different projects. The committee decides what grants or loans from the initiative are approved in the northwest. For this job, Council chose Gina Garon.

For the BC Ferries North and Central Coast Advisory Committee, the council nominated and chose Jennifer Rice.

With all the appointments out of the way, the new council is all set to begin to take on the city business at their next meeting in the new year.