The NDP are proposing a fare freeze on all major BC Ferries routes.

The NDP are proposing a fare freeze on all major BC Ferries routes.

NDP proposes BC Ferries rate freeze

Major routes would have frozen fares, smaller routes proposed to have rolled back fares by 15 per cent

The NDP are proposing a freeze to BC Ferries fares in the leadup to the May 9 provincial election.

The plan includes a proposal to roll back fares on smaller routes by 15 per cent, freeze major route fares and provide a 100 per cent seniors’ weekday discount.

North Coast BC NDP candidate Jennifer Rice said that expensive fares have hammered North Coast residents looking to use the service.

“Every day, it’s becoming more expensive to live on our coast. Instead of helping our communities and keeping ferries affordable for people, Christy Clark has been working for her wealthy friends and donors. That’s not fair and we’re going to fix it,” Rice said.

Along with the fare freeze, BC Hydro, BC Ferries and ICBC would all need to conduct large-scale operating reviews and submit them to the government in an effort to find inefficiences, fiscal mismanagement and cost savings. The NDP stated in a release that all cost savings discovered this way will be put toward keeping fares low.

The fare freeze on major routes would take effect right away and the smaller route fare reduction would take effect April 1, 2018, along with the seniors’ discount.

“Our plan will put an end to unethical fare hikes and help communities that have been hurting for too long. We’re working hard to build a better B.C. and make life less expensive for you,” said Rice.