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Memorial ceremony in Kelowna disrupted when woman drives over graves

People were gathered at Lakeview Memorial Cemetery to mark the anniversary of the end of WWII

For more years than anyone can seem to remember veterans, politicians, and locals have gathered at Lakeview Memorial Cemetery to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

There were fewer people in attendance this year after two years of cancelled services and a mix-up with the start time.

One impatient woman disrupted the ceremony when she decided to drive on the grass, over a number of gravestones, to get around the crowd.

Legion Branch 26 hosted the V.E. Day ceremony under their first female president Darlene McCaffery. She said the day is a personal one as her husband and many other family members are veterans.

“I can’t say how much it means to me to be at the legion and to work for veterans and to try to have them recognized for what they actually go through and what they went through.”

An RCMP helicopter flew overhead, the national anthem was sung, and a bugle and bagpipes were played during the event.

McCaffery said just as Canadians get to mark the anniversary of the end of a major war, she hopes any conflict elsewhere in the world ends soon.

“This day means a lot to the World War II veterans. I’m hoping that Ukraine soon can have their day, that they can mark with a day of remembrance that it’s over.”

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Following the ceremony, attendees were invited to socialize and enjoy a barbecue lunch.

Mini Canadian flags were placed at graves around the cemetery to mark the sites of veterans.

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