Meet the candidates: Prince Rupert School District trustees

The Northern View offered trustee candidates in the Nov. 15 municipal election an opportunity to introduce themselves to our readers.

The Northern View offered trustee candidates in the Nov. 15 municipal election an opportunity to introduce themselves to our readers through a maximum 250 word candidate profile.

Judy Carlick-Pearson

I am a born and raised First Nations, Prince Rupert resident, happily married, business owner and proud mother of our five-year-old son Carver. I am currently taking a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies through distance education and at the same time working as a business administrator for an environmental consulting company.

“So, why am I running for School Board Trustee and not City Council this year?” The answer is simple actually. Over the past three years, after sitting on many round tables discussing money, land, growth, expansions etc., I realized that our children seem to be in a secondary position to politics and development.  I found myself asking provincial leaders, CEO’s and global companies over and over “what about our kids?” I am more concerned about our children and youth right now and feel that I am more needed in that area, rather than in the heart of politics.  I will most likely return to politics at some point but right now, I am more focused on helping our children. My experience working with the Prince Rupert City Council and staff has been very rewarding and life-changing and I would like to commend them all.

In closing, I would like to say that I am a hardworking, diligent, diplomatic leader and will make the right decisions for our children as Prince Rupert School Board Trustee.

Terri-Lynne Huddlestone

I am a long-time resident of Prince Rupert, born and raised in the community. I am widowed and have a 20-year old son who is attending university. I have been very active within the community and the school district through my involvement with the school PACs, the DPAC and as a two-term school board trustee. I have also volunteered at the provincial and national level working with parents and students to promote public education and healthy breakfast programs.

I am seeking re-election to the Board of Education for School District No. 52 as I remain committed to the community and dedicated to student achievement. My passion for education and learning for all of our students has kept me focused on student achievement and what is truly important: “to ensure each student successfully completes their educational program with a sense of hope, purpose and control.” At the board table I am proud to be an ethical decision maker and continue to advocate for our students and our school district.

Having undergone the recent bargaining process for our unionized employees, we need to restore relationships and we need to reaffirm the public’s confidence in our education system and continue to build a strong foundation with all of our education partners.

I hope that my passion and dedication to public education will garner your support for re-election to the Board of Education for School District No.52.

Bart Kuntz

– Three Term School District No.52 Trustee

– Finance and Building Committee

– District Improvement Team

I’m the son of George and Veronica Kuntz who have made Prince Rupert their home since 1971. I graduated from Prince Rupert Senior Secondary School in 1988 and have been employed by CityWest for over 20 years.

I have two daughters currently in our local school system. Taylor attends Charles Hays and Nicole is a student at Prince Rupert Middle School.

As an incumbent member of the school board I’ve been a strong and advocate for School District No. 52 and have stood up for the learning needs of all students. I’m proud of making unbiased and well-informed decisions that have faced our school district.

A lot of good work has been started in partnership with stakeholders, but there is still more that we can and must do to ensure the success of all of our students.

I am looking forward to continuing to serve my community as your representative on the Board.

Tina Last

I am seeking re-election for a fifth term. It has been my privilege to be a school trustee for the last 12 years.

Should I be re-elected, this next term has the potential to be one of the most exciting. The determinations have been made about our district capacity; the difficult decisions to close schools have been completed. We have reorganized the school district to better meet the needs of our students. We have our two unionized employee groups with recent collective agreements in place providing labour peace.

So what can the board focus on more than ever? Student achievement. My primary responsibility and goal as a school trustee is ensuring the best public education system available to our students. Their future and ours, depends on it.

I’m excited to continue the work towards expanding the possibilities for our secondary students, providing them with more choices for their careers and remaining in our community. The board has the ability to continue to work with industry to ensure that our students have the opportunity to fulfill the labour requirements for the future. As important as a post-secondary education path is, so too is a trades path. Never before have the trades been a more crucial component for our communities future. Our students, with the assistance of industry partners and our college, are able to access these exciting opportunities.

This is a great time to be a school trustee. I ask for your support.

Fanny Nelson

My name is Fanny Nelson. I am from Metlakatla, B.C. All our children from Metlakatla go to school in Prince Rupert, K-12.

In the past, I have been to a majority of the schools in our district, teaching the students how to harvest cedar bark, weave and make cedar roses.

I have been volunteering at the schools for many weeks helping students with reading and cooking hot lunches for the students who could not go home for lunch.

I am running for school trustee as an advocate for my people.

June Lewis

I am, June S. Lewis, I have been married for 32 years to my husband Conrad Lewis.   I have lived in our community of Prince Rupert all my life. I have five children and two grandsons.

I have attended the Seal Cove Elementary School, the Booth Memorial Junior Secondary School and the Northwest Community College where I obtained my Adult Education and Associates Degree in Science.

I work as a child, youth and adult worker / support for children with special needs.  I have been a community support worker for going on 7.5 years.

I have been on a Parent Advisory Committee for several years now, since my children were in elementary school (Seal Cove, and Roosevelt) now attending the Pacific Coast School as vice president.

As a support worker for children with special needs I support as a life skills coach.  I see areas of struggles and achievements.  I am also used as an advocate when needed.

As an outside job I have helped parents with their needs for their children.  Whether dealing with bullying or just to talk to in areas they feel their child’s need for support in their schools.

I have been a vocal advocate when we went through the school closures and when the middle school first came to light. I feel I will do well as a trustee.

Louisa Sanchez

I’m Louisa Sanchez and I’m running for school trustee because I want to continue to be a strong advocate for public education. I firmly believe that education can and should provide every child equal opportunity to reach their potential regardless of personal circumstances.

Having served as School Trustee for four terms, I’ve earned your vote due to my inherent passion for student achievement and years of volunteer work in schools and in the community.

My main focus is on the needs of students and I’ve never wavered from that goal. For me, the primary purpose of education is to encourage curiosity and the love of learning in our children, to inspire and empower them and prepare them well for their future. I have the experience, time, dedication and energy to continue advocating from the best education for our students.

I am well informed of the current issues that school districts are facing which includes class size and composition challenges. This is a result of chronic underfunding of public education by our government. We need to stand up and send a clear message to government that our children’s education needs to be a higher priority.

I have a proven record of advocating for students, teachers, support workers and parents and would be honoured to continue to represent the citizens of Prince Rupert as their trustee.

If knowledge, honesty, integrity and commitment count, then I ask for your support on Nov. 15th.

William Spat

Young people are B.C.’s most valuable resource.  If we nurture and develop this resource with love and care, our present and future prosperity is assured.

I’ve worked, studied, and played on three continents in as many languages.  Along the way I’ve gathered an Honours undergraduate degree (UBC), a PhD (Edinburgh), and good sense of what works in education.  Comparatively, it does not take a lot of money to reach the greatest heights.  It does however take singularity of purpose, determination, and willingness to change what does not work.  Focus on the present and on the future is paramount.

Having served successively as elected secretary and treasurer on the Board of Mountain Equipment Co-op – then doing just $100 million annual sales – and having managed resource and technology companies, I know prudent financial administration and outstanding human resource management are keys to success.  With trends of aging infrastructure and declining enrolment, financial administration and human resource management present acute challenges for School District 52.

New to Prince Rupert last year, I have a seven year old in French immersion.  We speak French and English at home and a few words of Nisga’a learned living two years in the Nass Valley.  I’m active in the community coaching soccer, as founding president of Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association, and as novice crewmember with RCM-SAR 64.

A proponent of experience-based learning, I see great potential for School District 52 to build on Rupert’s cultural and geographic diversity to pursue excellence now and for our future.

Kimberly Williams

My name is Kimberly Williams and I have been a resident of Prince Rupert for 46 years.

I went to school here and I have a daughter who graduated here in 2007 and one child in Grade 5. Both my children attended the French immersion program, and my eldest graduated with a double Dogwood Diploma, in English and French language.

For more than 20 years I ran a licensed in-home child care facility, and have a diploma in Early Childhood Education, with a double distinction for Children with special needs and infant/toddler studies.

I am currently a member of the Early Years Committee and Success by Six tables and the chair for the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia, Prince Rupert Branch. I would like to take the next step and become involved in the next level, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

I am interested in running for school trustee because I believe that each child deserves the right to an education where they can reach their true personal potential. I would like to have the opportunity to participate in seeing this to fruition.

I am in support of the $10 per day initiative and a firm believer in the integration of the early childhood system with the general education system.



Trustee candidate James Horne did not submit candidate profiles by the specified deadline. Look for profiles of the candidates in the Prince Rupert and Port Edward city council campaigns in next week’s issue of The Northern View, followed by Mayoral profiles on Nov. 12.