Meet the candidates for Prince Rupert city council

The Prince Rupert Northern View offered all the candidates for council the opportunity to submit a profile for publication.

The Prince Rupert Northern View offered all the candidates for council the opportunity to submit a profile for publication. They are alphabetically by last name.


Anna Ashley

I would like to thank you for your support over the last term. It has been a privilege and an honour to represent our community on council over the last 3 years. It has been a time filled with big learning curves, countless opportunities for growth and for gaining a new appreciation for the wonderful community we live in. During this time, I have worked for openness, transparency and accountability on council; however there is still much work to do. I remain committed to getting the job done.

If re-elected to Council, I will continue working towards openness, transparency and accountability. I am committed to:

– working with Council to rethink how we do things to better serve the needs of our community;

– developing a comprehensive plan with funding options to replace our aging infrastructure;

– working with stakeholders to rejuvenate our local economy – ensuring that we remain open for business.

Thanks to your dedication and resilience, our community is getting stronger every day. Like you, I believe in our potential and our future. The road will not be easy, but with determination we can get there. Our future prosperity depends on new thinking — to “think outside the box” and in engaging our entire community. With a strong team on Council, there is much that we can achieve by working together with our community.

One thing that I have learned is that good governance requires teamwork and the ability to work together towards a common goal. We need people at the council table that share your priorities. We need a strong team, dedicated to looking at things with new eyes and fresh perspectives and with a willingness to look for creative solutions. On Nov. 19th I ask for your support to send me back to the table to continue working on these goals, so I can put my experience to work for you. Together we will build a brighter future.

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Judy Carlick-Pearson

Born in Prince Rupert in 1977 and lived a majority of my life here except when I went away for school and to play basketball.

Born to Sandra Carlick (Leighton) and Charlie Carlick, with one sibling Roberta whom were all my earliest role models. I grew up playing all sports and being involved in a majority of community events. I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood in Prince Rupert, the weather was great, the industries were vibrant, and more than anything the city was alive. I have always been attached to Prince Rupert and always said that I would retire here. I grew up knowing so many wonderful people from here, friends, coaches, mentors and teachers. I have learnt so much from all of the great people in this town and just became very attached to community. I was fortunate to be able to move away for school and experience the “city life” and get an education, but I was ready to move home.

I believe that Prince Rupert can get back to that “vibrant” stature. I realize that we can’t rely on the same industries that once made our city flourish however, we have a new start. We have so much potential for improvement and even though we have to build a new start for ourselves, we can do this together. As a city council candidate, I can’t promise you anything but honesty, transparency, hard work and diligence. I have no hidden agendas and I am not afraid to speak up for what I believe in. “I genuinely, would just like our city to shine again and would love to see people being optimistic about our future”. I am motivated to help make a change and work collectively to do what is best for the citizens of Prince Rupert. I am not easily influenced and don’t make decisions without doing adequate research. I have the team skills, people skills, education, experience and desire of an effective leader and city councillor. “I believe in the people, our city and our future. Together we can make this happen”.

Gina Garon

I am seeking reelection for a second term on City Council.

Over the last three years I have acquired considerable amounts of knowledge and experience in regards to how local government works and operates. I have sat as a Board Member on Tourism Prince Rupert, Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest and as an Alternate on the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District. Previous to being on Council I have served as a Board Member on The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce and was Chair of the Parking Task Force Committee.

City Council has huge challenges ahead and I am prepared to face those challenges. Through community engagement and reaching out to our neighbors we can find ways to protect and preserve our current services and infrastructure needs. It is important to have experienced councilors on council to effectively deal with these challenges. I am very concerned about our infrastructure deficit. .If we are to move forward and attract new industry and investment we need to preserve what services we currently have.  I will be fully engaged and committed to working hard to find solutions.  I believe that our citizens are our assets.

I would like to find ways to encourage our young people to move back to Prince Rupert, settle down and raise their families here. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully in the new year we will see the economy turn around.

I would like to take a holistic approach to the way we do things. We need to look at the whole picture and not just focus on one area. I would like to see Council go back to the committee system where councilors sit on committees such as the recreation, health and public works committees.

I have deep roots in the community, my family has been here since 1907. I was born and raised here and have raised my family here.  It has been an honour and a privilege to sit on council for the last three years. And I would be most honoured to be reelected.

Christo Holmes

I’m a long time resident, the owner of a local business since 1991,co-founder of the Northcoast Performers Society (mostly unplugged), and the Past Chairperson of the Board of Variance.

I’m running for Council because I want to be part of the team that will help transition our city into the next phase of growth as we become a recognized viable world seaport…We need well-informed decision makers as we deal with fiscal and growth issues.

Issues…and alas the next few years will still be ‘’all about the money’’  as we apportion city revenues on a priority basis, but I have confidence that new businesses and innovative citizens will create higher tax revenues as well as increased demand for local goods and services..

The challenges ahead form the basis of  my campaign …lets focus on two such challenges.

Number one is infrastructure…A city does not exist without infrastructure – fresh water supply,sewer and garbage collection, transportation, fire protection and police services ,etc…And we should recognize that city workers and public works/engineering staff have done an admirable job with infrastructure needs and emergencies given the lack of funds available to them. A city’s most important mandate is to maintain, upgrade and build necessary infrastructure and since cities across North America have been abandoned by senior levels of government it appears we’re on our own…able, even- tempered, level-headed and well-informed leadership is paramount as we face this challenge..

Challenge 2 will be about Balance…the sound and smell of money was prevalent when I first arrived…the stink of  fish plants, the environmental horror that was the pulp mill circa 1970’s,the clanking of railyards, the irritable drone of dryer fans from the grain elevator..that was also the smell and sound of good-paying JOBS…now society has a new sensibility to the impact of industry and we need pragmatic approaches as we welcome new businesses..

Friends, though I would welcome their support, please understand that I haven’t any special interest groups or voting blocs working behind the scenes to assure my election; whether they be cultural, political, union ,business or environmental. I’m running as a concerned citizen, and I want YOUR vote…

I’m always available for questions or discussion at 627-7970 or

Nelson Kinney

Prince Rupert has been my home since 1957.

I had the privilege to have taught gymnastics and diving, as well as being a lifeguard for the outdoor pool in the earlier years.  I was the founding member of the Prince Rupert Figure Skating Club.  I am the proud father of a beautiful daughter, Candice, who resides in Calgary with her husband, and am looking forward to being a grandfather in the very near future.

I currently own my own salon which I have had for many years, and during that time I have been very active in the business community.  My committee activities include the Performing Arts Centre Society Board, the Heritage committee and the Regional Hospital committee.

I was first elected to Council in November, 2002.  My focus on Council is on Seniors, Youth and Industry.  I strongly believe and am committed to building strong relationships with First Nations and neighbouring communities so Prince Rupert can continue to support and offer services to the Northwest region.

I continue to work tirelessly as a community ambassador, always eager to participate in local events, both as a resident, and as a Council representative.  I will continue to be dedicated to promoting our City, and speaking for all citizens, with a special interest in ensuring a good quality of life for seniors and youth.

I have gained much knowledge and experience in the last three terms on Council and I “thank” the citizens of Prince Rupert for their support and allowing me to serve them.  I am committed and dedicated to listening to the concerns of the people of Prince Rupert.  I am approachable, accountable and affordable.  I am looking forward to serving the people as their representative on council for the next three years.  I am committed to making sure the voice of every citizen is heard and represented on council, now and in the future.

I am dedicated to making our community a place where all citizens are heard.

James Kirk

James Kirk is a long-time resident of Prince Rupert and started his working career in industrial marine supply in the ‘60s and owned Port Edward Marine supply for nine years in the ‘80s.

When not running his own business Kirk worked in various sales venues in marine and industrial supply and also ad sales at The Daily News. Outside his work life, Kirk has held executive positions in the Elks, Royal Canadian Legion, and is also a current member of the kinsman. He also was a volunteer firefighter from early ‘60s to mid ‘70s.

Kirk was moved to run for council because his inability to find enough information on various city issues and concerns to the citizens of Prince Rupert.

Issues of concern:

– Keeping Taxes down for overburdened taxpayers

– Watson Island

– Fire Department (should we consider return to volunteers)

– CityWest (should the city continue to operate or sell)

– Alaska Ferry

– Airport

If elected Kirk looks forward to serving the citizens of Prince Rupert and serving with the other councilors in an open and transparent manner.

Conrad Lewis

I am running for the position of Councillor for the City of Prince Rupert. I am of Gitxaala (Kitkatla) descent. My parents are Reverends Samuel and Bertha Lewis. Our family was raised in Port Edward.

I married June S (Pahl) Lewis in 1982 and moved to Prince Rupert. We have 5 Children, Basil, Constance, Kristian, June and Patricia. We also have 2 Grandsons Matthew and Tristan.

I have 35 years in the Fishing Industry and in the UFAWU-CAW. I am an active, long time, Shop Steward and current General Executive Board member.

I was employed by the T Buck Suzuki Foundation as a First Nation Liaison and Outreach worker and headed up a successful campaign against Fish Farms in our region.

I lobbied and “won” the battle against E.I. over the term “Volunteerism”. I am a past recipient of the Chamber of Commerce “Volunteer of the Year” award.

I have Strong inter-personal skills; I am Politically cognizant with good Organizational skills. Respectful, resourceful and Transparent. Intrepid, yet at the same time, very respectful of the needs and wishes of others.

These skills have enabled me to effectively “challenge” a wide variety of Political, Educational, Social, Economic, Environmental and organizational concerns.

Most people know me as a basketball organizer; others know me as an effective union rep/negotiator and others know me as an environmentalist. However you may know me, know this: my motivation, in all that I’ve done, and all that I do, is a passion for our Youth and their Families.

On Election Day, with your support, I hope to be your Councillor. As Councillor I will bring a new perspective and be approachable. I will continue to use my skills to effectively address concerns such as: Infrastructure, Quality of life and Social/Economic Development for our community.

Organizing Recreational activities for our youth will, in turn, produce healthy young adults. Advocating financial stability and pursuing economic development through “New Work Opportunities” will, in turn, produce a stable family environment. Stable family environments will produce a healthy vibrant community. Healthy vibrant communities will produce leaders of tomorrow.

Gabe McLean

I am Gabriel McLean, I am a 35 year resident of Prince Rupert.

I was employed by the Prince Rupert Airport Authority (retired as of March 2010). My management skills come from Corporate and Federal Training and Employment over many years. I have been involved with local organizations from Minor Hockey to First Nations Health to Union representation, these activities over the time span of my residency in Prince Rupert.

I am committed to a green community, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure renewal, and a ten year plan to ensure future growth of the community by investing in infrastructure projects and encouraging any and all investors (heavy industry and manufacturers) to look seriously at the city. I will commit to finding efficient ways of improving the community and its services without sacrificing quality of life. Transparent reporting of all public business will be presented for public scrutiny. I will also seek to improve the security of our downtown core. In these uncertain economic times we need to look at how the City Budget has been prioritized. The only promise I can make is; if the money is available, projects can be undertaken. We must understand that regardless of the election results, the size of the pot of money available to budget will not change.

I believe we must try to have trustworthy council by making some positional changes this election. Single issue and special cause councillors will not be objective when voting on issues that may or may not affect organization that they are tied to. I will do the job objectively with respect for the opinions of the electorate. I will work only in legal acceptable ways. I definitely won’t bite the hand that elects me.

I call upon everyone in the community to VOTE. A vote for Gabe McLean will go a long way. This is my community, it has sustained me and given me much, I would like to return in kind. Vote for me, a candidate that has empathy with you and will hear you and act on your suggestions.

Jennifer Rice

Decisions can not be made in a silo. Without long-term planning and vision we will remain in a situation where we are continuously putting out fires dealing with crises as opposed to creating the future we want for our community. I feel that the whole community must be involved in creating a vision for Prince Rupert that is inclusive, healthy, and sustainable. I will work hard to engage the people that live here and help facilitate that vision.

I am 37 years old and have been living in Prince Rupert for 10 years. I am employed with the T.Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation, a non-profit affiliated with the United Fisherman and Allied Worker’s Union. I have sat two terms on the city’s Green Advisory Task Force.

An SPCA supporter, former board member of Northwest Community College, and Coast Guard Auxiliary member, I am service orientated. I have painted banners that don the city’s streets and performed at the Tom Rooney Playhouse. I was a former columnist, writing about various environmental issues for the Prince Rupert Daily News. I am a member of the ‘Rupert Runners’ and volunteer as Race Director for the annual Prince Rupert Half Marathon plus 8 KM race.

I intend to be both accessible and approachable to the community so that they may feel comfortable bringing issues to my attention at any time. With an increasing globalized economy, Prince Rupert needs to set policies that attract economic opportunities that create meaningful and lasting jobs. I support a diversified local economy that values small business. I believe we must work to support healthy livelihoods for all by improving equitable access to resources, supporting our seniors, youth, women and children, and respecting our First Nation cultures. We must set policy that considers the natural environment now and for future generations. Working with other small communities we need to lobby higher levels of government for an equitable infrastructure funding formula as the current system favours larger communities with higher tax bases.

I am motivated, engaged and progressive. I will bring vitality to Prince Rupert city council.

Please visit

Farley Stewart

I have worked at the Friendship House since 1987 and as the Executive Director since 1995 My primary role is to look at the picture and figure out how to be successful with the team I have.  I negotiate contracts and deal with the Federal, Provincial  and local Govt Reps.

Father of two daughters. My parents are James and Simone Stewart. I am of the Nisga’a Nation . Born and raised in Port Edward and moved to Prince Rupert when the cannery moved. Self taught on guitar. I am a cancer survivor.

I’ve been involved with PR Minor Soccer as a coach periodically for the past 20 years.

BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Center 1st VP Executive.

Past All Native Basketball Tournament Committee member since the late 80’s. I enjoyed organizing Little Big Shots and seeking Corporate Sponsorship.

Past Chair of the Nisga’a Urban Local Society for 10 years.

Past Skeena Native Development Society Director

Past Chair of North Coast Community Assets Development Initiative

Help with various fundraising for Cancer

Helping Friendship House buy the building/land for $1.00 from the National United Church when they wanted $250,000. We collected a hundred pennies from our clients and presented it to them to close the deal.

Helping the Nisga’a Urban Local Society buy the Nisga’a Hall from Lisms Government for $1.00

Helping Friendship House take ownership of Kaien Island Daycare for $10,000.00 when they wanted $130,000

I have experience in community development and a lot of my skills developed are transferable.   I would like to work with our community in job creation, develop small business and industry and enhance our training opportunities. We need to promote our community to the world that we want your business and we are the go to community of the North.

Joy Thorkelson

I came to Prince Rupert 37 years ago, fell in love with the community and made it my home.  I married a ‘Rupert boy’ and we raised two sons here.  My goal is to help our community to be a great place for everyone.

I have been employed as a Union Representative for the UFAWU-CAW for 25 years. I am proud to be known as an activist – social, environmental, and labour.  My record speaks for itself:

Work successfully with local fish companies to create new environmentally sustainable winter jobs as well as keeping the ones we have.

Work closely with local First Nations and fishers for responsible fisheries management that will put fish into fishermen’s boats and into north coast plants.

Support all Rupert workers in their efforts to gain better wages and working conditions and to keep work here.

Regularly speak out about social concerns, poverty issues, fair treatment of the unemployed, and good medical services.  I participate in campaigns to make life better –  or I lead them.

Act on environmental issues from recycling to Green House Gas reduction strategies to protecting our ocean from oil spills .

I bring the same integrity to the job as Councillor.  I have consistently been well prepared.  I research issues and topics and have a filing cabinet full of Council information  that I use on a regular basis.  I carefully listen to others opinions and try to engage in a thoughtful discussion.  I strongly believe in thorough decision making.

I sat on the Library Board and Co- chaired the City s Green Team II.

What I will do as a Councillor:

– Continue to encourage industries that will provide environmentally sustainable, well paying, long term work.

– Work with First Nations communities on common issues.

– Develop a long term infrastructure plan with a budget for public input.

– Bring issues to the Federal and Provincial governments for action.

– Preparation, research, openness, transparency, availability and commitment.

I am not shy and will fight for those things that I think are right.

Rob Vallee

I would like to introduce myself to you as I am running for local Council.

My name is Rob Vallee.  I have lived my whole life on the West Coast, moving to Prince Rupert in 1984. I have since married Shannon a local ballet instructor who is the most wonderful person I know. We are also the parents of 3 great children. Prince Rupert will always be our home and will always be in our hearts.   Many of you may know me through my business endeavors within the city.  Through these endeavors I have had the opportunity to speak with many residents all who have a passion for the good of the city. I feel these are the people who should be heard.  This is one of the main reasons I have confidence in running for council.

I strongly believe in a responsible and accessible government through regular communication with the people of Prince Rupert.  Communication I feel should always come from the general public and represent the city as a whole.  My hope is to be a voice for all constituents.  Be that resident or Business.

I feel confident that Council can find a common ground and work as a team to move the city forward and will work hard to promote economical development and increase community appreciation.

On November 19th, please place your vote for Rob Vallee to show that you matter and will have a voice for the future of Prince Rupert

Thank You.

Rob Vallee


General Election Day is November 19, and the All-Candidate’s Forum hosted by the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for the evening of November 8 at the Lester Centre of the Arts.