Letter to the Editor: Referendum Needed?

Re: Prince Rupert Gateway Project

Letter to the Editor

Referendum Needed?

Re: Prince Rupert Gateway Project


Did the Northern Savings Credit Union Board approve with a 100 per cent vote?

What kind of reaction emanated from City Council? Did they all give their approval?

I would like – as a long-time credit union member – to know how my/our money is being spent! Is the credit union losing membership/money or is it flush enough to embark on spending how much money?

How does M &M ventures fit into the project?

As to parking, how will a person arrive there? Turn left off McBride St to reach the city lane and impede oncoming traffic?

Cutting Third Avenue off from McBride – this will disrupt the present flow all the way up to city hall. This will lead to further deterioration of businesses on third avenue west!

Will there be another traffic light installation on 2nd Avenue west to lead back to 3rd avenue?

As to the “Pedestrian Mall” – will it become a haven for the homeless, non-workers, slackers?

There will be a need for fire safety, protection, etc.

Should a referendum be held on the “Prince Rupert Gateway Project”?

P.S. For more space for “institutional” use, I hope the credit union has kept in mind all the empty space downstairs.

Denis Garon

Prince Rupert, B.C.