Joint Review Panel won’t limit speaker’s time at Prince Rupert hearings

The Joint Review Panel has responded to Enbridge's request to limit non-Aboriginal speakers to 10 minutes in Prince Rupert.

The Joint Review Panel has responded to Enbridge’s request to limit non-Aboriginal speakers to 10 minutes during the hearings in Prince Rupert, and has ruled against the company’s proposal.

Enbridge made the request because they felt most of the presentations have not followed Procedural Direction #4, which says oral evidence should not include technical or scientific data; opinions, views, information or perspectives of others; views on the decision the panel should make; whether or not to approve or not approve the project and any conditions of that or questions they want answered. It should be “the presenter’s personal knowledge and experiences about the potential effects of the Project on the presenter or their community”.

“The Panel has addressed proper oral evidence in Procedural Direction #4 and will continue to deal with the appropriateness of oral evidence on a case by case basis. Parties who are of the opinion that oral evidence does not comply with Procedural Direction #4 may raise an objection with the Panel during the presentation and the Panel will rule on the objection,” read the panel’s response.

“At this time the Panel will not set the time limit for oral evidence as requested by Northern Gateway…If an oral evidence presentation or any part thereof does not qualify as oral evidence, the Panel will determine whether it is proper for the presentation to continue.”