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Friends sue each other for damages after armed drunken fight

Two men sued one another for civil liability and damages from the fight
A glass of beer sits on a table. (Pexels photo)

What started as a few drinks between friends devolved into a violent altercation that is now the subject of a case before the B.C. Supreme Court.

The assault occurred at a 2018 house party. After consuming a number of beers and whisky, the guest and the host found themselves to be the only two people left at the party. At some point, the two got into an argument — neither can recall who started the argument or what it was about — that got physical.

The guest grabbed a cleaver and struck the host, causing several lacerations. The host grabbed a small wooden log and struck the guest with it, giving him a concussion. Only the guest admitted to assault causing bodily harm, a charge he was convicted of at a criminal trial.

After the criminal trial and sentencing, the host filed a civil claim against the guest, seeking liability for civil assault and damages for the injuries he suffered as a result. Then the guest filed a counter-claim, alleging the host had overserved him alcohol and committed assault and battery against him.

That left Supreme Court Justice Jasmin Ahmad to sort out the issue of liability and how many trials the whole ordeal was worth. Ahmad determined that both civil actions should be heard together. The case is expected to be heard in 2023.

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