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Play-by-play: Bachrach new MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, all 219 polls reported

Bachrach beats Conservative candidate Claire Rattée by more than 3,000

Play-by-play coverage of election night for Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding.

At 11:55 p.m. all polls have been reported with NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach winning the Skeena-Bulkley valley riding with 40.9 per cent of the vote and conservative candidate Claire Rattée trailing behind at 33.4 per cent, missing less than 3,100 votes.

More than 61 per cent of registered electors came out to vote — 40,795 of 66,421 — not including electors who registered on election day.

Bachrach 16,670

Rattée 13,637

Birdi 4,704

Sawyer 3,193

Taylor 1,343

Craven 929

Nunes 164

Ritchie 155

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11:30 p.m. 218/219 There haven’t been any results for our riding,” says Rattée about Cullen’s performance.

“I think there will be another election soon and I will definitely be running again,” said an upbeat Rattée late on Monday night as the final results trickled in. “The result shows that people are looking for change. There haven’t been any results for our riding.”

Bachrach 16,199

Rattée 13,304

Birdi 4,595

Sawyer 3,129

Taylor 1,319

Craven 901

Nunes 160

Ritchie 153

11:15 p.m. 215/219

Bachrach 15805

Rattée 12991

Birdi 4525

Sawyer 3070

Taylor 1270

Craven 863

Nunes 159

Ritchie 151

10:58 p.m. 212/219

Bachrach 15,479

Rattée 12,829

Birdi 4,424

Sawyer 3,019

Taylor 1,238

Craven 858

Nunes 156

Ritchie 150

10:47 p.m. 210/219 less than 10 polls to count

Bachrach 15,367

Rattée 12,735

Birdi 4,395

Sawyer 2,993

Taylor 1,235

Craven 855

Nunes 156

Ritchie 150

10:35 p.m. 202/219 polls counted, Rattée last candidate to concede.

“It’s the result of the democratic process and people have chosen him. He takes on a great responsibility and I’m going to say that God has — through the voting process — entrusted him with a great responsibility as he has Justin Trudeau and of course then people have to carry that responsibility. He could exercise that responsibility and begin defending innocent human life. He could use that responsibility and begin supporting traditional marriage which is the building block of society. He could speak up for freedom of speech and the people who are now being restricted in their ability to speak the truth so those choices will rest with him,” says Christian Heritage candidate Rod Taylor.

Bachrach 14,627

Rattée 12,458

Birdi 4,239

Sawyer 2,859

Taylor 1,227

Craven 826

Nunes 149

Ritchie 145

10:05 187/219, still less than 40 polls to count and Conservative candidate Claire Rattée will comment after they’re counted, reports Gerry Leibel from Kitimat Northern Sentinel.

Bachrach 13,881

Rattée 11,750

Birdi 3,855

Sawyer 2,679

Taylor 1,152

Craven 781

Nunes 143

Ritchie 136

9:40 155/219 polls counted as Bachrach arrives at his party in Smithers and is delivering his acceptance speech.

Bachrach 11,322

Rattée 8,751

Birdi 3,117

Sawyer 2,159

Taylor 737

Craven 569

Nunes 117

Ritchie 110

9:30 p.m. 142/219 polls counted and excitement winds down as candidates congratulate one another and continue their viewing parties.

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Mike Sawyer on Taylor winning: “It doesn’t surprise me Taylor is going to win. Good for him. I think he will be a good MP. His commitment during the election was he would show up and stand up and I hope that he does that.”

A musical number is going on in Rod Taylor's basement, reportsTrevor Hewitt from Smithers Interior News.

Bachrach 10,122

Rattée 7,823

Birdi 2,812

Sawyer 1,901

Taylor 625

Craven 513

Nunes 109

Ritchie 101

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9:15 p.m. With 125/219, more than half the polling stations have been counted

As the votes came in, Independent candidate Danny Nunes was walking around downtown Kitimat playing Pokemon Go, reports Brittany Gervais with The Terrace Standard. “If that counts as a headquarters,” Nunes said. “I’m happy I’m not in last place.” At last count, Nunes secured 0.4 per cent of the vote with 83 votes, ahead of fellow Independent candidate Merv Ritchie with 74 votes. “No wizard [Ritchie] can beat Dan the Bear…The turnout was exactly what I expected.” This is Nunes’ last political run, he said.

Bachrach 8,969

Rattée 6,809

Birdi 2,499

Sawyer 1,671

Craven 446

Taylor 500

Craven 448

Nunes 95

Ritchie 93

9:00 p.m. 96/219

“Sawyer said he is going to go over to the Smithers brewery to congratulate Taylor,” reports Thom Barker from Sawyer’s Smithers headquarters, as Trevor Hewitt gives a live look at Christian Heritage candidate, Rod Taylor’s Smithers headquarters:

Bachrach 7,189

Rattée 5,155

Birdi 1,979

Sawyer 1,296

Craven 338

Taylor 314

Nunes 71

Ritchie 67

8:50 p.m. 65/219

“Claire’s campaign manager says NDP hasn’t won - still a bunch of ridings to be counted,” reports Gerry Leibel from Kitimat Northern Sentinel.

Bachrach 4,641

Rattée 3,254

Birdi 1,328

Sawyer 820

Craven 223

Taylor 188

Nunes 50

Ritchie 37

Dave Birdi: "Running in this election has been enlightening experience. Spending time in dialogue with communities from Atlin to Bella Coola, Fort St. James to Sandspit. This was an opportunity to engage and learn. New friendships have been formed. Thank-you to all the candidates and the organizers of the debates for sharing with the communities.Thank you to my family, supporters, and all volunteers contributing many hours of hard work, as well as the Liberal Party for this incredible opportunity to represent Skeena – Bulkley Valley region." Left to right: Jai Birdi (brother), Dave Birdi, Harjit Birdi (wife), Bachan Bidi (mother), Gurdeep Birdi (brother) (photo Aman Parhar / Caledonia Courier)

The crowd is excited and still waiting for Bachrach to show (Marisca Bakker / Smithers Interior News)

8:40 55/219

Bachrach 3,946

Rattée 2,566

Birdi 1,025

Sawyer 666

Craven 172

Taylor 146

Nunes 37

Ritchie 31

8:30 p.m. BREAKING: Taylor Bachrach will be headed to Ottawa as the new MP for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley. He was declared the winner at approximately 8:30 p.m.

With 20 per cent of polls now reporting, Canadian Press has called the Skeena Bulkley Valley for NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach with 46.7 per cent of the vote.

Bachrach has served as the mayor of Smithers since 2011. It will be the first time since 2004 that the region has been represented by someone other than Nathan Cullen, who decided not to run this election. The area stays orange though, as the NDP once again ran the most successful campaign.

People's Party candidate Jody Craven “would like to thank the PPC, my riding, my team and especially my family who didn’t see me for days while I was out on the campaign trail. Even though I lost, I won’t give up. I will still be involved in the public, taking up people’s issues and concerns I learned during the campaign that there are a lot of serious issues that still haven’t been addressed – government has to step up and start supporting Skeena Bulkley Valley. We have issues with the forestry industry in the north and a lack of cellphone coverage along Highway 16. We should be doubling up on our healthcare as well. I am very honoured that the PPC had faith in me and chose me to run on their behalf in the election. I will be back again, in 18 months – I won’t give up.”

“When I ran the last provincial election I took about five per cent of the vote. It kind of shocked me how well I did. With eight candidates running, the fear factor really drives people...I think that’s why people have gone really hard to the NDP again,” said Independent Merv Ritchie.

8:25 p.m. 40/219

“Commenting as of the last update, Independent Merv Ritchie had secured 20 votes, two votes behind the other Independent candidate Danny Nunes at 22 votes. Ritchie, who has been away from the riding for a personal matter, said he wants to congratulate NDP Taylor Bachrach for a “spectacular” campaign,” reports Brittany Gervais from The Terrace Standard.

Bachrach 2324

Rattée 1688

Birdi 612

Sawyer 368

Craven 116

Taylor 81

Nunes 24

Ritchie 21

8:20 p.m. 35/219

“So far, NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach has secured 46.9 per cent of the vote with 15 per cent of polls reporting, 700 votes ahead of Conservative Claire Rattée. If Bachrach is able to hold on to the lead once 20 per cent of polls are reported, it may be safe to say he’s secured his seat as the next MP for the Skeena Bulkley Valley,” reports Brittany Gervais from The Terrace Standard.

Bachrach 1911

Rattée 1206

Birdi 465

Sawyer 315

Craven 73

Taylor 66

Nunes 22

Ritchie 20

NDP Campaign volunteers are anxiously waiting results. Taylor Bachrach is scheduled to appear later on tonight.(Maricia Barker, Smithers Interior News).

Mike and supporters watching the results trickle in.(Thom Barker, Smithers Interior News).

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8:13 p.m. 20/219, NDP and conservative are way ahead in the lead

Bachrach 1462

Rattée 889

Birdi 352

Sawyer 269

Craven 54

Taylor 49

Nunes 19

Ritchie 16

8:05 p.m. 20/219

Bachrach 960

Rattée 310

Sawyer 196

Birdi 164

Taylor 30

Craven 23

Ritchie 10

Nunes 9

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8:03 p.m. 17/219

“Big cheer went up here when Jenica Atwin was declared elected for greens in Fredericton,” reports Smithers Interior News reporter Thom Barker from Sawyer’s headquarters.

Bachrach 703

Rattée 238

Sawyer 151

Birdi 136

Taylor 24

Craven 14

Nunes 8

Ritchie 6

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7:55 p.m. 12/219

“Mike Sawyer is excited to be at 13.8% of the vote,” reports Smithers Interior News reporter Thom Barker from Sawyer’s headquarters.

Bachrach 302

Rattée 151

Sawyer 90

Birdi 80

Taylor 16

Craven 5

Nunes 5

Ritchie 3

7:50 p.m.: 10/219 votes flying in with Independents Nunes and Ritchie on the board

Bachrach 199

Rattée 137

Birdi 69

Sawyer 64

Taylor 15

Craven 5

Nunes 3

Ritchie 1

7:40 p.m.: 3/219 polls in, Conservatives take the lead

Conservative, Rattée 19;

NDP, Bachrach 14;

Liberal, Birdi 8;

Green, Sawyer 4;

Christian Heritage, Taylor 3

A small but enthusiastic group of Green supporters has gathered at Mike Sawyer's election headquarters in Smithers. (Thom Barker / Smithers Interior News)

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7:20 p.m.

1/219 polls in:

Bachrach 9

Rattée 2

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Nothing much going on at Dave Birdi's head office here in Fort St. James as the polls close. (Aman Parhar / Caledonia Courier)

Taylor Bachrach's campaign headquarters, but most are heading over to the bar.(Marisca Barker / Smithers Interior News)

6:40 p.m. polls are closing soon here is a look so far:

“Green Party and Taylor Bachrach the top spenders on the social media platform,” by Alex Kurial

Taylor Bachrach, Mike Sawyer and Claire Rattée turned their attention to Facebook during the federal election campaign, targeting users of the site with a number of ads in their quest to become the new MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

According to the Facebook Ad Library report, the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Green Party, with Mike Sawyer as their candidate, were the top spenders, contributing $1,597 worth of ads to the social media platform since June. The majority of that amount, $960, came during the final week of the campaign. Overall they produced 36 separate ads, most of which focused on climate-related issues. Just two of the ads featured Sawyer himself.

NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach was not far behind, spending a total of $1,184 on Facebook ads. He got out to an earlier start though, with just $279 of this amount coming in the final week. Bachrach’s total ad count hit 50 by the time advertising season was up. Only seven of the ads did not feature a picture of Bachrach.

Conservative candidate Claire Rattée also pitched in some funds to the social media giant, spending $298 over the course of the campaign. Rattée was able to produce 22 ads with this amount though, as the majority of these were self-produced videos.

On the street Fort St. James with Aman Parhar at David Hoy Elementary School: “What issues is important to you this election?”

Paula Allen: "Both me and my partner worry about climate change. We have seen how it has affected our community. We are worried for our children and grandchildren's generation. That was definitely one of the big issues for me this election. Secondly, we would like to see pharmacare for everyone. If you don't have a good job and are not covered, it is so expensive to receive medical care. I have a good job, but what about people who don't?"

William Willick: "Important issue for me is keeping the economy going. I support the TransCanada pipeline and am pro industry. But I am also concerned about the environment and feel that there should be more balance between industry and environmental needs."

Donna Armstrong: "An important issue for me at the federal level is gun control laws. I feel like I should have the right to bear both a handgun and a rifle. Criminals have illegal guns and why are the law abiding citizens being punished instead? Other important issue for me is that we are being over-taxed."

Darren Haskell: "The Federal Government, whoever gets elected needs to have a proper climate action plan and they really need to follow through. Yes climate action will affect jobs and having that balance is necessary. The conservatives have no proper plan for the environment. I work in the natural resources industry and Harper's conservatives made changes to the fisheries act which were not good and then Trudeau came in and reinstated protection. We need a proper plan."

On the street in Prince Rupert with Cocullo: “What issues is important to you this election?”

"Getting Justin Trudeau out. There have been no changes in infrastructure or the economy in the last four years. There has not been any economic change since legalizing marijuana. I am not against it but if he was going to do it, we should have seen changes in the economy." - Mayank Patel

"Business and jobs. There is a recession coming in the next 2-3 years and nothing is being done in the government." - Yogeshwar

"The environment. We are not doing a good enough job, big business always gets in the way. " - Danielle Consitt

"Climate change. We need a planet then we can figure out the economy." - Sara Raftis

Polling almost closes in Smithers:

Lineup at St. Joseph's school polling station(Thom Barker / Smithers Interior News)

Our on the scene reporters:

  • Aman Parhar reporting from Dave Birdi’s headquarters in Fort St. James;
  • Brittany Gervais reporting from Skeena-Bulkley Valley election head office in Terrace.
  • Natalia Balcerzak and Gerry Leibel covering Conservative candidate Claire Rattée, Independent candidates Danny Nunes and Merv Ritchie and People’s Party candidate Jody Craven.
  • Thom Barker, Trevor Hewitt and Marisca Bakker reporting from NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach’s election headquarters, Christian Heritage candidate Rod Taylor and Green Party candidate Mike Sawyer.
  • Jenna Cocullo and Alex Kurial updating you from Black Press Northwest election headquarters in Prince Rupert.

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