After the winter freeze and thaw

After the winter freeze and thaw

Extra cold winter creates more potholes on Rupert roads

After a colder than usual winter in Prince Rupert, there are more potholes pockmarking city streets.

After a colder than usual winter, cars have been delicately navigating the obstacle course of potholes pockmarking the city streets.

Once the snow and ice melted, the city stated that there were more potholes than usual due to the extended freeze and thaw cycles.

Last week, with warmer temperatures, both the city’s public works staff and the province’s employees were busy filling the voids.

“City crews are now out regularly filling potholes with ‘cold mix’, which is the temporary gravel mix that you will see in many potholes around town. We will be working on filling them with asphalt as soon as we have more favourable weather conditions,” said Veronika Stewart, the communications manager for the City of Prince Rupert.

The province’s maintenance contractor is also currently patching potholes that developed over the end of winter and early spring, confirmed Danielle Pope media relations for the ministry of transportation and infrastructure.

Filling the holes along McBride Avenue and Second Avenue is the province’s temporary solution to the aged road slotted to be repaved this year as part of the Prince Rupert Arterial paving project.