Environmental Assessment for Pinnnacle Pellet terminal in Prince Rupert now underway

The environmental assessment of the proposed Pinnacle Pellet facility at Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert is now underway.

Another project proposed for Prince Rupert’s waterfront took a step forward on April 5, with the environmental assessment of the proposed Pinnacle Pellet facility at Westview Terminal getting underway.

The $30 million project first came to light last September and calls for the construction of four 15,000 tonne pellet silos standing 39 metres tall, a tower housing a bucket elevator and a series of conveyors to move the pellets. The facility would be designed to take pellets from rail and would include a rail yard with capacity for 36 full and 36 empty rail cars.

“We’re now getting into public comment period, or getting close anyway, and I would say that through the next month we will be looking to try and engage the public around the design of the terminal and share lot of information about the design and what we’ve done to reduce dust emissions, reduce noise and reduce the visual impact,” said Pinnacle Pellet CEO Leroy Reitsma, adding that the information gathered through the consultation period will be used to address any concerns raised.

“We look forward to engaging the public, getting that input and making sure there is disclosure about our plans. Want everyone to feel they had their voice heard and there is a comfort level with what we’re doing.”

As for what the start of the environmental assessment means for the project time line, Reitsma says he remains confident there could be shovels in the ground in 2012.

“Our hope is to get through this expeditiously. We are still planning to be able to proceed with construction this summer. There would be an immediate start to construction once we get through the environmental assessment process,” he said, noting that demand for the product remains strong.

“Demand in Europe continues to be strong and there is an emerging demand in Japan and Korea. This terminal fits well into our strategy of optimizing the logistics to get the product to market. It also opens opportunities across the northwest to increase productivity.”

The Prince Rupert Port Authority is overseeing the assessment. For further information on the environmental assessment, contact Prince Rupert Port Authority planning and design manager Andy Cook at 250-627-2505 or acoook@rupertport.com.

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