Enbridge Responds to Rupert council’s decision to oppose pipeline.

The energy company argues that it would have been more prudent for the council to wait until after all the info was in before deciding.

The Prince Rupert Northern View contacted Enbridge Inc. asking for a response to the city council’s decision to formally oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

The company’s chief representative, Paul Stanway gave the company’s position this morning:

“Prince Rupert city council has expressed a position on the Northern Gateway project and that is their right. Surely the best time to make a decision in the public interest is when all the facts are known?”

“Northern Gateway is in the midst of an extensive federal review which will examine the project in detail and in public – as it should. We would hope that people will wait until they have an opportunity to hear the facts before making up their minds.”

“Most of the communities along the corridor have taken a neutral position until this regulatory review has been completed. This is fair to everyone, and it allows elected officials to get a full view of the project with all the facts having been aired through the review process – which then allows them to make an informed decision.”

“Numerous communities – in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba who have a history of working with Enbridge – have written letters of support for the project and filed them with the Joint Review Panel.”

“It is our view that the more people learn about the project, the more they tend to support Northern Gateway. A recent Ipsos Reid poll found that, among British Columbians, those in the North are the most familiar with the project, and they are also the most supportive.”