Completion date for building envelope project at Charles Hays Secondary School gets pushed back

The completion date of the building envelope project currently taking place at CHSS in Prince Rupert has been changed to December.

The expected completion date of the building envelope project currently taking place at Charles Hays Secondary School has been pushed back after a discovery workers made while working on phase two of the project.

“As [workers] were removing the old bricks and windows from the building, they identified that there was a number of beams that were showing enough signs of rust that they needed to be replaced,” explained School District 52 Secretary-Treasurer Cam MacIntyre.

It was originally planned that phase would be complete in late October, however now the estimated completion date is sometime in early December. Contract time for workers has been increased for another thirty days, pushing the exterior painting of phase three into late fall, in unfavorable conditions.


How each phase is coming along;

In phase one of the project, installation of the hardie siding is currently 85 per cent complete, new window installation is 95 per cent accomplished, roof parapet work is 90 per cent complete, and painting has started at the gymnasium.

In phase two, demolition is 85 per cent complete, steel stud replacement has been significant, exterior sheathing is 25 per cent done, bay window installation is starting with mock up and testing, parapet work is 15 per cent complete and below grade torch on waterproofing if 15 per cent finished.