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Coast Mountain Hydro unveils new brand identity reflecting Tahltan Territory connection

CMH says it used artist Alano Edzerza’s artwork to incorporate its connection to Tahltan Territory

Coast Mountain Hydro (CMH) unveiled a new brand identity Thursday (April 13).

CMH partnered with Engage Consultancy and RDC to create the new identity that reflects its connection to the Tahltan Territory. With the changes, the brand will feature Tahltan names for each of CMH’s three facilities and include renowned Victoria-born, Vancouver-based artist and entreprenuer Alano Edzerza’s artwork, which was created for CMH in 2015.

CMH General Manager Matt Weber says the new brand identity relates heavily to its location in Tahltan Territory. Weber noted his feelings about the new visual identity in a news release.

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“I am excited that CMH has a new cohesive visual identity connected to Tahltan Territory,” he said. “Alano Edzerza’s three 2015 artworks are graphically featured on some of our signage applications. And our distinctive new logo was inspired by a detail from one of them, in combination with an abstract water form and a turbine.”

Edzerza added that he was “pleased that my artwork has stood the test of time and continues to inspire.”

Weber noted that the “Tahltan names given to each of our three projects will now be displayed more prominently in our communications and signage.”

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