Census information shows breakdown of Prince Rupert family composition

Information from the 2011 census released today shows there is roughly the same number of single men and single women in Prince Rupert.

  • Sep. 19, 2012 7:00 p.m.

Statistics Canada released new information from the 2011 census, and it shows there is roughly the same number of single men and single women in Prince Rupert.

According to the census, there are 4,550 people out of the 10,105 Prince Rupert residents over 15 who are not married or living common law and 5,555 who are married or common-law. Of those not married or common-law, there are 2,270 men and 2,285 women, a difference of just 15. There are 1,750 men who have never been married compared to 1,370 women, a gap of 380. There are 145 men separated compared to 180 women, 265 men divorced compared to 305 women and 105 widowed men compared to 435 women – the largest gap with 330 more widowed women than men.

And while the number of married or common-law men and women are equal at 2,775, there is a discrepancy in the numbers. 2,115 men say they are married compared to 2,100 women, and 680 women say they are living common-law compared to 665 men.

The other information contained in today’s release have to do with the make-up of families in the community. Of the 3,545 families in town, the largest number by far is the two-person family with 1,745 couples in town compared to 835 three-person families, 660 four-person families and 305 families with five or more people.

When it comes to the 2,040 married couples, 940 have no children while 1,105 have at least one child. Of the 665 common-law couples, 320 are without children and 345 are with children.

The census also looks at single-parent families, with single moms outnumbering single dads 640 to 190. There are 290 single moms with two or more children compared to just 60 single dads with two or more children.

The information can be found online at www12.statcan.gc.ca/