Candidate profiles: Port Edward district council

The Northern View offered Port Edward district council candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves through a 250 word profile.

The Northern View offered Port Edward district council candidates in the Nov. 15 municipal election an opportunity to introduce themselves through a 250 word profile.

James Brown

My name is James W. Brown and I’m a lifetime resident of Port Edward for 48 years.

I’m have been married to my beautiful wife Debra Darlene Brown (Dee Dee) for 19 years with one child, Charles Russell Brown age 24 years. We are very proud grandparents with one grandson – Charles Russell Ian Brown Jr.  As past councillor of the District of Port Edward, I was a very proud and honoured to represent my community as it was a rewarding and tremendous learning experience. I continued to have great interest in our local concerns and issues. I love Port Edward and care for my home town.

I wish to work together with our council and administration to create a strong official community plan and identify the community’s priorities.  As a council we have to listen to the people and make important decisions and plans that will guide Port Edward during the changing times and economic diversification in our community’s future. As a united council we need to continue to engage and work together with industry and all levels of government.

If I were to be elected as a councillor for the District of Port Edward, I will continue to be devoted, open, transparent and accountable to the people of Port Edward. I will provide leadership, a strong voice, listening for your concerns and addressing your issues during council meetings.

I respectfully seek your support on Nov. 15, 2014, as it is my endeavor to keep unity on

Port Edward council.

Ed Day

Ed Day, short for Edward Day.

Born in 1958 on Inverness Street in Vancouver B.C. and now, as if by fate, owner of the old Inverness cannery property, with the Llamas.

My life partner of 34 years is Alice Kruta, we have raised our daughter April who now has her own son and we are raising our grandniece Truly (10).

I chose to purchase property here (2005 and 08), as it reminded me of the wonderful small waterfront village I grew up in (safe and family oriented). In that small village, Lions Bay which is now a part of West Vancouver, a lot of the residents built their own homes and hired the local tradesmen and students to help with their projects.

I started my career in construction on our family home, continuing with other neighbors after school and on weekends as I grew.

By the time I was 11 (1969), I was hired for the summers full time by a neighbor starting his own construction company in Squamish, and thereby my career.

I have worked and run my own company (Day-Light Construction), throughout most of B.C. for the last 35+ years and, during that time, I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of construction booms.

I wish to use this experience to help steer Port Edward through these rough times ahead.

I want to ensure we have a larger, improved, better-informed, family oriented community, without displacing its citizens, when this boom and the developers leave!

Murray Kristoff

My name is Murray Kristoff and I have lived in Port Edward for the past 23 years.

I own and operate a business here and am proud to have served on council for the past 6 terms. Being a business owner has given me the insight on how to keep Port Edward running strong and financially viable. I am seeking re-election so I can continue to help improve this great community we all share. I will do this by making solid financial decisions such as keeping taxes low and by maintaining our infrastructure.

During my terms on council we have replaced all the water and sewer systems, and saw the addition of the water and sewer treatment plants and built a new elementary school.  By keeping a school in our community it has strengthened   our communities’ connections to family and the continued growth of Port Edward.

If re-elected I want to continue the economic growth we started,  which will bring good paying long-term jobs as well as much needed tax dollars to sustain our community. Exciting new industrial growth is just around the corner.  The Wampler Way Bypass road will open up acres of new property that could be developed for low income and senior housing.

We will grow the housing market to ensure new homes are built which will keep the rental rates low and affordable for all residents. Please allow me to continue to help plan and shape Port Edward’s future as opportunity is on the horizon.

Christine MacKenzie

My name is Christine MacKenzie.

I have lived in the District of Port Edward for 22 years. My husband, Doug, is born and raised in Prince Rupert. Our three children and two grandchildren, with the third arriving in March, are all born in Prince Rupert. I have been the Manager of Clark Freightways for over two years and previous to that I worked as the Office Assistant with Clark Freightways for a total of seven years.

I have been very active in the school system when my children were young and am still involved with my grandsons in school. I was a stay at home mom and returned to the workforce when my children were all in school. I was a Child Care worker for School District 52 for four years. I have been a volunteer with Canadian Cancer Society, Port Edward Lions Club and Success by Six board. Throughout the years I have been an advocate for children’s well-being and education. Children are our future.

I have been on Council in Port Edward for three terms and look forward to continue working towards our community prospering and being self-supporting. I have been on council for the water treatment plant and building of the new school, which I believe are the heart and soul of our community.

Port Edward has potential to continue to be a quiet, friendly community and I look forward to being a part of that.

Grant Moore

My name is Grant Moore. I’ve lived in port Edward for 34 of my 36 years. I’m a fourth generation resident who is looking for the opportunity to continue my dedication to this jewel we call home.

I say ‘continue’ because I spent 12 years with the volunteer fire department. I feel a shakeup of council is needed and I’m your guy. Putting the people’s interests at the forefront of every decision is a must.

Talking to the people doesn’t end on election day. If elected I will be a representative of the people, put there by the people. On November 15th I ask that you give this hometown boy a chance to prove his worth, dedication, and vision moving towards the future.

As father of two boys, Marty and Teo, and one more on the way and a husband to my beautiful wife Miranda, I’ve been blessed to call Port Edward home for so many years and many more to come.

On Nov. 15, vote Moore today for Moore tomorrow.

Clayton Vanier

On this year’s council ballot, you will find the name Clayton Vanier.

Clayton has been living and working in the Village of Port Edward since 1994.  An active member of the community, Clayton has been an involved parent, member of the Sport Fish Advisory Committee for 25 years, and has contributed to the Port Edward Harbour Authority advisory board.

An avid hunter, fisher and outdoorsman, Clayton is passionate about the NW Coast and everything the region and the community has to offer.   Also an active part of the athletic community – Clayton has been involved with Minor Hockey, the Old-Timer’s hockey league, the Racquets club: organizing fundraising campaigns and tournaments.

Throughout his varied career, Clayton has worked as a commercial fisherman, as a gas refinery plant worker, a logger, in customer service and retail, as well as owning and operating a successful sport fishing lodge for 24 years.  As a local resident and business man, Clayton recognizes the importance and benefit of sustainable growth in the area, but also is keen to protect the environment, community, family and friends: the things that make Port Edward a unique place to live.   Clayton believes strongly in honesty, accountability and hard work.

“The community of Port Edward is on the brink of significant change.  Given the opportunity, I would like to be a strong voice for the people through this transition and time of growth to ensure that the shared values and interests of the community are well represented and considered at every turn.”