The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are returning to Prince Rupert on Aug. 14.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are returning to Prince Rupert on Aug. 14.

Canadian Forces Snowbirds want Rupertites to be in awe

You will want to look to the sky on Aug. 14 as the Canadian Forces Snowbirds perform in Prince Rupert.

You will want to look to sky this Wednesday afternoon as the Canadian Forces Snowbirds put on their acrobatic flying skills on display.

The show, which gets underway at four p.m. over the harbour on Aug. 14, will include music, play-by-play that can be heard at Rotary Waterfront Park or on CFNR at 98.1 and a variety of different formations. The best place to watch the show is either at Waterfront Park, Mariner’s Park or the Rupert Square parking lot.

The Snowbirds are returning after weather forced the cancellation of the show in 2011. Major Denis Bandet was one of those pilots who were unable to perform last year, and said the entire team is looking forward to giving fans a chance to see what they missed last time.

“It was truly heartbreaking for all of the guys to have to leave without putting on a show last year. There are things out of our control, like the weather, but it is just heartbreaking to fly away,” he said, noting the show is unlike any other.

“I have heard people liken it to aerial ballet, but it is anything but that. What we do is to demonstrate the precision and skill the pilots in the Canadian Forces are capable of … our intent is that after 40 minutes people will say, ‘that was 40 minutes and that was awesome!’ We want people to lose track of that time and just be in awe.”

But more than being in the air, Bandet said one of the things he enjoys about being a Snowbird is being meeting Canadians across the country.

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