BC Ferries not planning service reductions on northern routes to find $4.9 million in savings

BC Ferries announced last week it won't proceed with proposed service reductions on its major routes.

BC Ferries announced last week it won’t proceed with proposed service reductions on the routes connecting the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, resulting in the company needing to secure an additional $4.9 million.

“On the major routes, since 2008, BC Ferries has reduced service by eight per cent in the off-season on the three major routes between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. We looked at further opportunities for service reductions on the major routes, however given the eight per cent already taken out, it was very hard to find opportunities to further reduce service that were not outweighed by revenue loss,” explained spokesperson Deborah Marshall.

“The major routes have much higher utilization, and there would be more revenue loss than cost savings if BC Ferries further cut major route sailings. Making changes just for the sake of changes would erode revenue.”

While the company will need to make up that revenue elsewhere to meet its budget, Marshall said the northern routes are safe from any further service cuts.

“BC Ferries committed to saving the $4.9 million and will save it in efficiencies elsewhere, not in further service reductions,” she said.

“The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure has stated that there won’t be any further service reductions on the minor and northern routes.”