Andy Chugh announced his intent to run for a position on Prince Rupert City Council in the upcoming October elections. (Photo: supplied)

Andy Chugh announces candidacy for Prince Rupert City Council

My generation will inherit Prince Rupert - should we not have a say? — Andy Chugh

After much consideration, I am excited to announce I am seeking election to Prince Rupert City Council.

My family moved here when I was nine. At that time, I wanted to move away. Despite my childish attitude, this community welcomed me and made this city my home, presenting opportunities beyond anything I could have imagined.

Moving to Prince Rupert was my greatest blessing as this community made me who I am today. Now, it’s time to return the favour.

I’ve grown up inspired by the city’s leadership over the last two terms and am enamoured by their vision and dedication to this community. The current mayor and council have laid the framework for Prince Rupert’s future.

But the work is not done.

We are at a critical juncture. If we do not continue to trek forward, nearly a decade of progress could potentially be undone if the city loses momentum. We need the next generation of leaders. The consequences of political decision-making are often delayed: today’s policies create tomorrow’s world.

My generation will inherit Prince Rupert. Should we not have a say in our future? Age brings experience, while youth brings a fresh perspective. The world is changing faster than ever. It is vital for the next Council to represent the interests of the entire community, not just one demographic.

As a university student, there are some who may argue that I should wait until I’m older to get involved. But as this current mayor and council have shown us, leadership is about stepping up when it’s the right thing to do. And if I don’t take action now, I have no right to complain in the future.

We need to move forward as a community, not risk going backwards.

Join me, and together, we can create the Prince Rupert of tomorrow. This fall, choose the future!