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Herb Pond is running for mayor in the Prince Rupert election

Elections are on Oct. 15
Herb Pond is running for the position of mayor of Prince Rupert in the municipal elections. Elections are on Oct. 15. (Photo: K-J Millar/The Northern View)

In a few short weeks Mayor Brain and Councillor Mirau will step down. They leave a massive experience gap, gained from two terms in office. Who will seamlessly keep us moving forward?

The stage has been set for Prince Rupert’s rebirth. There’s a plan for the community to catch up to the success of our industries. It’s time to execute… to get big things done.

I too have served two terms as mayor and was councillor before that. Following the container terminal success, I too stepped away from public life to focus on family.

Sandy and I raised four children here. We now work to make a better world for our grandchildren.

I currently volunteer as board chair in four organizations. They cover seniors housing, children’s pre-school, student scholarships and addictions healing.

I’ve worked in industry, not-for-profits, First Nations and local government.

I’ve been elevated by peers onto provincial and federal councils of local government. I’ve lobbied ministers, senators, premiers and one prime minister. I’ve addressed leaders around the world on Rupert’s behalf.

The councils I led guided Prince Rupert safely through the most devasting economic collapse in history. Still, we secured financing and land for Acropolis Manor, cleared red tape for Ravens Keep transition house, developed the George Hills Way walking path, and led the political coalition that landed the container terminal.

But the key to our industrial rebirth has been the women and men at Fairview Terminal who in early days proved the ‘Rupert advantage.’ That unlocked massive investments from CN, Quickload, Gat Leedm, Pembina, Ray-Mont, AltaGas and others. Thousands employed in high wage union jobs.

Current council has laid the foundation for the community to catch up.

With so much still to be done, focus needs to be on three areas.

1. Housing for seniors (and others) that improves the downtown and frees up existing homes.

2. Reliable water with filtration and new distribution, which then renews roads, separates storm and sanitary sewers, enables wastewater treatment, and leads to community owned hydroelectricity.

3. Rebuilt city center that brings to life the 2030 Plan.

It’s urgent that we grow. Healthcare, childcare, education, recreation, and small business all depend on population.

I’m endorsed and supported by people across the political spectrum, of all ages and all backgrounds. It would be an honour to serve you again as mayor.