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Transform your home’s look with new windows from Ecoline

Prince Rupert Homeowners: Get Up to $3,750 Off Window Replacements with Ecoline Green Grant
An example of a casement window combination. Photos courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

Your living room is the heart of your home, where family gatherings happen, and memories are made. When it’s time for window replacement in your living room, it’s important to make the right choice for your family’s unique needs and preferences. Considering comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and how your family will be using that room all play a part in deciding what type of windows are right for your home.

The window and door experts at Ecoline Windows and Doors share insights on the different types of window frame profiles and styles that are most commonly used in modern living rooms.

Three types of window frame profiles

  1. Low-profile frames: Slider, hung, and end-vent windows typically feature a low-profile frame. These designs prioritize maximizing glass surface area, ideal for letting in ample natural light.
  2. High-profile frames: Casement and awning windows showcase a wider or higher frame profile. While these options offer enhanced efficiency, they may reduce the visible glass area.
  3. Versatile fixed frames: Fixed or inoperable windows are available in both high and low profile configurations. These windows seamlessly align with the profile of adjacent operable windows, providing flexibility in design.

Many homeowners strike a balance between high and low profile frames to get the best of both worlds. High-profile windows are super-efficient but can darken the room. Low-profile ones may not be as efficient but let in more light and air. Fixed windows offer efficiency and light, especially when paired with operable ones for ventilation. Mixing these window types can give you a home that’s efficient, bright, and breezy.

Popular living room window styles

  • Casement Window Combinations: A combination of both inoperable (fixed) windows and operable windows can help create a living space that is energy-efficient, bright, and airy when desired. They can also be configured in a variety of ways to allow you to customize them for your home and personal preferences.
  • End-Vent Windows: Offering maximum ventilation, light, and a low-profile design, end-vent windows are a great choice for living rooms.
  • Picture Windows: Perfect for framing beautiful outdoor views and maximizing natural light, picture windows are fixed windows that offer excellent energy efficiency and unobstructed views. These are best for living rooms that can support multiple windows; that way, you can also incorporate an operable (non-fixed) window as well.
  • Bay Windows and Bow Windows: These window styles add architectural interest to your living room and can increase your home’s curb appeal. They create extra space within your home but are one of the more expensive options when it comes to living room window replacements.

The Ecoline Green Grant offers up to $3,750 for window and exterior door replacement. Photos courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

Window replacements are more affordable with help from the Ecoline Green Grant!

Available directly from Ecoline Windows, the Ecoline Green Grant provides homeowners with more support and encouragement to create a cleaner, greener B.C. for everyone. The Ecoline Green Grant offers up to $3,750 for window and exterior door replacement. Unlike traditional grant programs, it offers freedom and flexibility to homeowners. Choose from a wide range of Ecoline products without restrictions on R-values, glass types, or income caps. Whether you’re upgrading your primary residence, mobile home, rental property, or undertaking new construction, the Ecoline Green Grant provides financial support to offset the costs of window and door replacements for B.C. residents.

With so many different types of living room windows, it can be hard to know what is right for your home. The window experts at Ecoline Windows can help you make an educated and informed decision on which windows are right for your home. Find more information online at or call 778-400-2063 today.

Ecoline Windows offers exterior door and window replacement in Prince Rupert as well as several other communities throughout Western Canada! Find more information about their services and your eligibility for rebate and grant programs online today at