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VIDEO: Premier Christy Clark stops for a coffee in Prince Rupert

Two days after the B.C. election was called Premier Christy Clark toured the northwest, and made a brief stop in Prince Rupert.
Premiere Christy Clark visits Prince Rupert two days after the B.C. election was called.

An entourage of supporter crowded Cow Bay this afternoon for Premier Christy Clark’s short and sweet stop in Prince Rupert on April 13 — two days after the B.C. election was called.

No announcements were made, but the premier endorsed the North Coast candidate Herb Pond and gave a brief speech after she learned how to make a special coffee at Cowpuccino's — a Christy Clark Caramel latte.

Her main message was to put faith in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

"To me this election is about jobs. It's about economic growth," she said.

"Prince Rupert is a city that has still yet to realize the huge potential that people saw for it 100 years ago. This is your change to recognize that vision."