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Prince Rupert Port Authority donates $15,000 to long term care facility

New el fresco atmosphere at Acropolis Manor helps those with dementia
Thanks to a $15,000 donation, from the PRPA Community Investment Fund announced on May 17, the interior of Acropolis Manor has been transformed into a bright and colourful environment to assist those with dementia.

A DementiaAbility project has transformed the lobby of Acropolis Manor into a welcoming el fresco cafe environment thanks to the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s (PRPA) Community Investment Fund.

Northern Health and PRPA partnered to redecorate the foyer and seating area at the long-term care facility’s main entrance with new decals to mimic a vibrant outdoor café, creating a cozy space for family and friends to visit with comfort and safety.

The Neighbourhood and Wrap Door project received a $15,000 boost to transform the clinical appearance of the manor’s interior to make the residents, particularly those with dementia, feel more secure in brighter surroundings.

“The project has had very positive feedback from the residents and staff, who directly benefit from the improved functionality and new bursts of colour added to their home at Acropolis Manor,” Marcie Garinger, manager of Acropolis Manor, said.

Unique artwork installed during the project makes navigating the building and identifying specific rooms easier for residents, staff and visitors. Residents chose their own customized vinyl door wraps to mark the entranceways to their personal rooms. Staff assisted with choosing artwork enhancements for the common areas, making the building more inviting for everyone who enters.

“It’s incredible to see how small changes to artwork can transform a clinical space to make it safer and more welcoming for those that call it home,” Shaun Stevenson, president and CEO of PRPA, said.

“Beyond improving the atmosphere and wayfinding, the project has helped residents with dementia and their families feel more secure by camouflaging doorways to avoid patient confusion when unintentionally exiting the facility,” PRPA stated in a media release .

“We are incredibly grateful for the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s tremendous support and commitment through the Community Investment Fund, which made it possible for this essential project to go forward,” Garinger said.

“We are privileged to be able to support the DementiAbility project and aid in improving the daily lives of people living and working at Acropolis Manor, a key healthcare facility in our community,” Stevenson said.

he Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) partnered with Northern Health to support its Neighbourhood & Wrap Door project, a part of the health authority’s greater DementiAbility project at Acropolis Manor. Through a $15,000 commitment from PRPA’s Community Investment Fund, residents of the long-term care facility had their doors and common spaces filled with art and colour to transform the clinical appearance of their surroundings to make the residence brighter, homier, and safer, particularly for residents with dementia.