Gathering the right wines to make a great year in 2012

Well it’s the new year and time to set some goals.

  • Jan. 11, 2012 12:00 p.m.

Well it’s the new year and time to set some goals.

I have a few wine goals in mind this year. I would really like to taste 100 new wines that I haven’t tried before and I would like for at least 50 of them to be Canadian. So I guess I will be looking to open 2 new bottles a week. I might have to throw a wine tasting party or two and that would help speed things along.

One of the most difficult parts for me will be finding all new wines. Many of the Canadian wines found in the stores of retailers around the province are non-vintage wines. This means that the wine doesn’t have a vintage year, and should / will taste the same every time. I will be looking for new vintages of great wines I have tried in the past and I will also be looking at joining some private wine clubs. Wine clubs are available at many commercial wineries in BC. For an annual fee, the winery will ship out a selection of wines that they make. Many of the wines that are available in wine clubs are not for sale at retailer locations across the province. Sometimes the wines are produced in small lots or simply aren’t selected by retailers to sell.

Another interesting way that I collect wines to try is from generous and helpful family and friends. Since most of family and many of my friends live in Ontario, they always offer to pick up some Ontario wines when they are coming to visit. This is especially nice since most Ontario wines never leave the province, making them quite difficult to get in a place like Prince Rupert.

I also get a chance to try new wines when I am dining out. Many agents and wineries sell their wines to restaurants and make some of their wines only available in this channel.

There are even some up and coming celebrity chefs throughout the province who are creating their own blends at the winery and making them available in their restaurants. It’s gets a little expensive trying all your wines in this setting, but totally worth it when you get a chance to try something you couldn’t taste otherwise.

Here are a couple of wines that are great to kick off your 2012 wine drinking journey, enjoy.

Wines of the week


Leon de Tarapaca – [Chile]

A bright sunny nose that hits hard with breezy grass notes and sweet pineapples. The flavours are clean with dull citrus and field hay. A touch of acid up front gives this wine a nice tartness and palate cleansing qualities. 88/100 (November 7th, 2011)

See Ya Later Ranch Ping 2007 – [British Columbia]

A warm, summer, jammy nose with sweet cherries and raspberries. Fruit forward flavours of blackberries and star anise that finishes with smooth, tiny tannins. A nice herbaceous aftertaste. Lovely when paired with rare roasts, dark chocolate or sharp cheeses. 90/100 (September 21st, 2011)