Top Comments on tent city and Winterfest

Top Comments on tent city and Winterfest

A handful of comments from our online readers

Re: Tent City at city hall

“Welcoming Prince Rupert city hall to 21 st century. As a man I am astonished there is no place for men to seek safe accommodations in time of need. Hear what men are saying we need sanctuary too! Hats off to the occupiers of these tents!”

Jim Moore

“This has been an ongoing problem in Rupert for years. Although housing is a provincial issue, in actual fact, it is a human one. Good for you, Lee, and for the tent city organizers, to make a statement about something that has been known, but not expressed.”

Claudia Stewart

“I realize you want to create awareness of the homeless situation but wasn’t there anywhere else in town to erect a ‘tent city’ except right next to city hall? I bet these tents wouldn’t be here if it was cruise ship season.”

Renee Wheatley

Re: No land events for Winterfest

“One other issue is probably that people are thinking that there are going to be enough volunteers, so they don’t partake because they assume there’s no need to. Come to my door and ask if I can volunteer, I’d be like ‘can my kids too?’ I bet you’d get more volunteers if you asked people in person!”

Tina Steppler

“Unfortunately, going door to door asking for volunteers takes up a lot of volunteer time. I’ve never known the special events society to turn down volunteers in all the years I’ve been involved in community events. I’m sure if you gave them a call they would love to have you and your kids volunteer!”

Treena Yahlskaanii Decker

“Never once saw anything stating that they were looking for volunteers anywhere, perhaps advertise that you need volunteers before cancelling events.”

Meaghan Brooke

“I agree, wish I had known volunteers were needed!”

Tannis Reis Calder