Letter to the Editor: Colorado responds to Rupert mayor

The fact is every subsequent poll indicates the majority of Colorado voters continue supporting the end of cannabis prohibition

Greg Knox

Letter to the Editor: Some corrections to Tom Fletcher’s ‘Fake News’ article

In last week’s paper, Tom Fletcher accused our organization and others of spreading “fake news”. In response, we have a number of questions

Greg Knox

Letter to the Editor: Weitz’s comments inaccurate

I read with interest the article ‘Feds launch review about project approval process’ and wanted to correct a couple of inaccurate statements

Tip to Metro Vancouver Transit Police helps Ohio woman
Alberta ramps up COVID-19 shots, paramedics added to priority list
Pelosi signs second Trump impeachment
Canada secures more vaccine doses from Pfizer

Letter to the Editor: Housing affordability, a provincial priority

By introducing this program, the province will ensure first-time homebuyers have stable housing for themselves and for their families

Letter to the Editor: Oscar the cat, happy in Minnesota

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year. Oscar is going doing well and has even adjusted to our new move.

Letter to the Editor: Child poverty in Rupert

Families are losing their children to the child welfare system because they can’t afford the basic necessities

Letter to the Editor: ANBT made right decision

ANBT has made the right choice in sending out a letter that they are to enforce no politics at this years basketball tournament.