Letter to the editor – Blockades are a reaction to a government that no longer listens

Dear Editor.

The blockades are not about vaccines and human rights, they are a reaction to governments that no longer listen to the people.

We have become an authoritarian society with an electoral system that over the years has allowed our political leaders to transform Canada into a virtual dictatorship, constantly violating the rights and freedoms of the people, including our human right to have democratic governments.

Trudeau’s preoccupation with immigration and diversity is a natural catalyst to promote the anti-immigration, anti-refugee sentiments, as he insists on opening the borders for 420,000 people this year alone, at a time unemployment is at record-high levels.

He inherited and embraced Harper’s political power-structure, and very quickly became another benevolent dictator, spending hundreds of billions of dollars, ‘fighting COVID’, without research and consultation, while telling people the affairs of our government is none of our business.

Fixed election days are no longer fixed, election promises are designed to get the vote, not to serve the people, and national disasters are being used as opportunities to spend a lot of our money, while calculating how it could translate into more votes.

Our Prime Minister and BC Premier John Horgan have amply demonstrated that thanks to an uninformed and misinformed electorate, and their strategy is working.

They each defied the laws of the land and won an election spending our money to get our vote.

Trudeau’s reluctant response to illegal blockades of any kind anywhere in Canada, including the recent trucker’s convoys and blockades, should be no surprise.

He is beginning to recognize the prospects of a civil uprising, much like the one south of our border.

That is also the real reason why he wants our guns, not because drug-dealing gangsters have turned our cities into public shooting galleries.

Trudeau’s defiant and corrupt actions and contempt for the people are turning hard-working, tax-paying Canadians into criminals.

A multi-member Proportional ballot would change that dramatically, but Harper and Trudeau are defying 37 million Canadians, denying us that ballot.

Andy Thomsen

404 – 2075 Benvoulin Crt

Kelowna BC

V1W 0A8