B.C. Premier John Horgan. (File photo)

B.C. Premier John Horgan. (File photo)

Horgan appointed the wrong ministers

The premier chose loyalty over qualified ministers

Dear Editor,

NDP minority government premier, John Horgan, jumped the gun on the appointment of some cabinet ministers. He chose loyalty over qualified. Presently the three of them are Jinny Sims, Claire Trevena, and Lana Popham. Why? When the B.C. Liberal opposition lay the heat on to them in question period, they are incapable of making logical answers to the questions, and because of this, John Horgan, and Mike Farnworth take on the job of supplying the answers to the opposition questions, to avoid further embarrassments. These three cabinet ministers are each paid a taxpayer funded salary of $105,881.83 per year, and should be able to answer the questions themselves. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars and taxpayers deserve qualified cabinet ministers. Watch Horgan replace these three cabinet ministers in the near future.

Joe Sawchuk

Duncan, B.C.