Rudy Kelly makes an appearance in his production of Twi-Lite II

Rudy Kelly makes an appearance in his production of Twi-Lite II

Prince Rupert’s Harbour Theatre Society entertains at Udderfest 2011

Below is a synopsis of all the shows at this year's Udderfest.

Below is a synopsis of all the shows at this year’s Udderfest.

Bus Stop Confidential

Stephen Huddlestone showcased his sense of humour with “Bus Stop Confidential”, a one-act comedy about brokenhearted Timothy, played by Huddlestone, who is desperate to find companionship, as well as relieve his sexual frustrations. While waiting for a bus Timothy meets Taylor, played by Tristen Wybou, an intellectual young lady who he connects with while partaking in several philosophical and intimate conversations. Sparks fly between the pair as they shift into discussion about politics, hitting some of Prince Rupert’s darker tendencies head on, religion and the real world.

Hot Judge Sundae

David Smook and Jeff Bill took on the stage with “Hot Judge Sundae”, which was produced by Lyle McNish.

In each presentation of “Hot Judge Sundae”, Justices Smook and Bill of the seventh Circuit Court preside over “the case of the day”, a different crime with each performance. Both Bill and Smook played a number of characters during the improvised set, including the criminals and lawyers. Chris Armstong was also featured in the hilarity as the court’s bailiff.

Additionally, with suggestions from the audience, the pair also provided some comical improvised skits.

War of Wits

With the popularity of last November’s “War of Wits” improv-comedy debate show, organizers decided to add it to UdderFest this year in what may possibly become an annual show during the festival.

Chris Armstrong hosted the late evening debates on Saturday, with the help of Lyle McNish, who was the timekeeper. Local debaters included Monica Lamb-Yorski, Jeff Bill, Steph St. Laurent, Jeff Bill, David Smook, Stephen Huddlestone, Jen Rice, and Andy Enns, who were broken up into teams to compete against one another. In the end, both teams tied the event.

Twi-Lite 2

Audiences enjoyed writer Rudy Kelly’s sidesplitting and quick-witted comedy in his sequel to last UdderFest’s hit “Twi-Lite”, a comedic spoof of the popular vampire series, directed by Treena Decker.

The show contained everything audiences are looking for; humor, romance and of course, a little blood.

Heather MacRae played Bella, a young emotionless girl who is in love with a vampire named Deadwood, played by Matt Murray. The two must overcome evil vampire Victoria, played by Celena Olson, who is out to kill Bella, as well as convince bigwig vampires played by Ali Murray, Rhianna Rimmer, and John Farrell, that their love affair is not wrong. Other familiar characters included Prince Rupert’s own Brian Payne, who although looks nothing near Hollywood actor Taylor Lautner, still stuck close to the character from the series by being shirtless virtually all of his time on stage, along with his fellow werewolf buddy Pill, played by Chrys Thompson.  Other local talents featured in “Twi-lite 2; Eclipse of the New Moon” included Meghan MacRae, Noah Ferland, Natasha Dover, Clark Spence, Dan Bubas and a special guest appearance by Kelly himself.

Two Girls Singing

“Two Girls Singing” was not a misleading title for the performance, as it was exactly what it sounds like, two young female performers, Julia Campbell and Anne McNish, showcasing their respectable musical skills.

Campbell and McNish decided to be a musical pair in the festival because according to them they’re aren’t very funny, which worked out perfectly as the two brought some variety to the festival’s line up as the only performance that wasn’t a skit. Both Campbell and McNish performed a number of solo covers during the ladies set, as well as Campbell showcasing an original song she wrote after a trip to South Africa.

Campbell played a variety of instruments during the performances including the guitar, bongo drum, the mandolin and harmonica, while McNish kept it simple for herself and stuck with playing the guitar and singing.

The girls did a terrific job with having the audience involved in the show by having the crowd help create the beat with clapping and foot stomping to “Punk Rock Girl”, as well as having members of the crowd help out by playing the tambourine and shaker in another song.

The Wizard of Cow Bay

Since 2000 the Kids Camp has become a popular part of UdderFest, bringing future generation actors and actress up on stage to provoke a love of the performing arts. This year Treena Decker led over 20 children in the Habour Theater Society’s UdderFest Children’s Camp to carry out  “The Wizard of Cow Bay”, a local spin on the popular story “Wizard of Oz”. Decker received help with all of the children from past camp-attendees, Stephen Huddlestone and Robyn Massecar, who are now both very active in the theatre.

Included in the play were a number of recognizable characters, like Dorothy, and a few with a spin, such as the Aluminum Man, Fordo the cat, and the Wicked Witch of the South-East.

Revenge of the Variety Show

Rob Shearer from Boom Jr. hosted “Revenge of the Variety Show” that took place on two evenings during the festival and consisted of stand-up and comedy sketches, as well as some trombone playing.

Prince Rupert’s own comedy group, the Page Boys, made up of Lyle McNish, Michael Gurney and Andy Enns, helped out with the hilarious show, as well as Prince Rupert’s own Trombone Trio, consisting of Alex Hembroff, Chris Colussi, and Andy Enns, who all showcase their musical skills.