Change is coming

Change is coming

Two new reporters to fill our paper and our screens.

Change is inevitable, especially in a small transient northern city.

People come and go with the seasons. Cruise ships bring tourists in for the day, while large projects, such as the port expansion, bring workers in for a couple of years.

Our newsroom is no different, and although we’d like people to stay, bringing in new talent also means adding a fresh perspective to our pages.

We’d like to welcome Joseph Jack and Matthew Allen to our editorial team. Both of our new journalists packed up their cars, and made the long drive to the North Coast. They arrived last week and hit the ground running, they even delivered a few newspapers to your doorstep.

Matthew is taking on the sports reporter role, so coaches and parents be gentle and drop him a line to let him know about one of the many competitions that happen over the weekends.

Joseph is steeping into the news reporter role, and will be monitoring city council, and community or news stories from Port Ed to Hartley Bay.

From our new website, to new reportage we’re stepping it up a notch to keep our readers well informed.