In Our Opinion: Chargers and coverage

Still waiting for cell coverage in Highway 16 communities looking to add electric chargers for cars

  • Dec 14th, 2017

In Our Opinion: Watson reborn

Smaller projects on the North Coast require less time to acquire regulatory approvals

  • Dec 7th, 2017

In Our Opinion: Poverty strategy overdue

Rice gave council a lesson on how Prince Rupert rates number one in the province for poverty

  • Nov 22nd, 2017

In Our Opinion: Housing, a basic right

A protest outside Prince Rupert’s city hall is calling for a men’s homeless shelter

  • Nov 15th, 2017

In Our Opinion: #Hammy trends

The hammock deer becomes an internet sensation

  • Nov 9th, 2017

In Our Opinion: Smashing pumpkins

What’s with all the vandalism to playground projects and schools Prince Rupert?

  • Nov 2nd, 2017
The district principal for Aboriginal education on Sm'algyax in the school system
    Alex Campbell, Tsimshian elder and Sm'algyax teacher
      Kindergarten students learn Sm'algyax
        Salmon Christmas crackers recipe

          In Our Opinion: Lelu unsettled

          The raising of the totem pole on Oct. 20 was a statement to be heard in Ottawa

          IN OUR OPINION: A walk to remember

          Keeping memories alive of Tamara Chipman and others who went missing on Highway 16

          Is wind the new LNG?

          While LNG projects drop off, wind projects resurface

          Halibut — the Wild West

          The experimental fishing licence is a peculiar practice

          In Our Opinion: Give the bylaw some teeth

          Time for residents, the city and the province to polish this diamond

          In Our Opinion: Wrong people for the job

          Why Rupert needs a conservation officer in the community

          In Our Opinion: RTI coal goals

          The forecast for Ridley Terminals is looking good if the coal market stays hot

          Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

          Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it

          Vexatious Prince

          A man who claims to be “god” takes the city, the province and the queen to court

          Employer of the year

          City of Prince Rupert pays well

          Seafest shines a light

          Despite the grey start to the week, the red and white themed festival shone

          Farewell, Prince Rupert

          I’ve always thought that Prince Rupert is the best-kept secret in B.C.

          Change is coming

          Two new reporters to fill our paper and our screens.