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Video: Drip paint like Pollock at Ice House art class

Robin Knox previews acrylic pouring that she will teach on March 16 in Prince Rupert

You can drip paint like Jackson Pollock and handle a mini blowtorch at Ice House Gallery on March 16.

From 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Saturday, Rupert artist Robin Knox will lead an acrylic pouring class.

Knox specializes in watercolours, but said she got interested in acrylic pouring about two months ago after watching videos about it on YouTube.

“It’s a very popular thing right now and people are expanding what they can do with it,” said Knox, adding that you can tilt the canvas to manipulate the paint after pouring it, drag a paper towel or a string through it, or use brushes.

“I tend to like more what I can do with it by tilting [the canvas],” said Knox. “If you like a certain colour can you make it run more.”

Knox plans to teach two acrylic pouring methods at the class.

Generally, the first step of acrylic pouring is adding dimethicone to diluted acrylic paint. Dimethicone is the “magic ingredient” that creates silicone cells in the paint, said Knox.

Then you choose your colours, pour the paint, manipulate the canvas and fire it with a blowtorch so that the cells pop.

Two big draws of the art form are that it has a quick learning curve and it’s fast to do.

Despite only starting about two months ago, Knox already won a spot in the Federation of Canadians Artists 2019 Abstracted gallery show for an acrylic she poured onto an 11” x 14” canvas.

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Titled Hays Creek Impressions, Knox said the piece only took her about 10 minutes to create.

It is her first time being featured in the Federation Gallery for acrylic pouring, but Knox has been featured once before for an oil painting of chickens.

Prince Rupert artist Joan Mostad was also accepted into the show.

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To register for the acrylic pouring class, go to the Ice House Gallery at 215 Cow Bay Rd. or call 250-624-4546. The cost of the class is $50 per person.

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Rupert artist Robin Knox will teach acrylic pouring on March 16 at the Ice House Gallery. Knox recently won a spot in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2019 Abstracted gallery show for an acrylic pouring piece. (Karissa Gall/The Northern View)