Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District pitches Sandspit as pilot community

The incorporation of Sandspit is a priority of the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District.

The Skeena — Queen Charlotte Regional District is hoping the government will not only keep the incorporation of Sandspit at the top of its priority list, but will examine other governance structures that could work for the Moresby Island community.

In a letter to Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Coralee Oakes to follow up on a meeting at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, board chair Barry Pages wrote that Sandspit could be used as an example for other small communities in the province.

“At the meeting, important issues were discussed such as exploring alternative structures for small communities, like Sandspit, that may not meet the criteria for incorporation but are seeking more autonomy than is provided under the Regional District structure,” he wrote.

“Sandspit is ideally suited for an alternative governance structure and the board encourages the Ministry to consider allowing Sandspit to act as a pilot community when further exploring these alternatives.”

The Ministry began looking at the incorporation of Sandspit, which would move it from a rural area to having an elected council and mayor, earlier this summer. Directors made it known that having some form of autonomous government is something they support.

“The board strongly feels that this is an important step in examining future governance and the potential viability of incorporation for the community,” reads the letter.