Theodore Spat

Theodore Spat

Rupert Port brings science to school district (video)

The 2017 Science Fair is coming to SD52 and being held at the Port Interpretive Centre on Friday, March 31 to Saturday, April 1

Would Prince Rupert be prepared for a tsunami? Or is the ratio between pollution and energy generated better for coal or wood pellets?

Young minds from the school district may be able to answer those questions at the 2017 Science Fair.

The event is being held at the Port Interpretive Centre. On Friday, March 31 judges will vote on the top presentation and on Saturday, April 1 the public is invited to explore the fair.

One of the contestants is Grade 5 student Theodore Spat from Roosevelt Elementary School.

His project is comparing wood pellets and thermal coal. “We all know that coal pollutes more but maybe the amount of energy they produce overcomes the amount of pollution,” Spat said.

The Port of Prince Rupert has been working with Spat and sent an environmental expert to help some of the students with their projects.

“We’re trying to connect them with different experts in the community so they can learn a little more about their topic,” said Peter Scott, vice principal of Roosevelt.

Sharmonie Pedersen, also in Grade 5, is working on her project from home. “I used to live in Japan where there have been a lot of tsunamis. I want to know if Prince Rupert would be protected from a tsunami or if it would get hit,” she said.

The Port of Prince Rupert is excited to host the event for the school district.

“All year round, the Port Interpretive Centre is a place for exploration and discovery, so it’s an ideal venue for young researchers to share their work. We applaud the student participants for transforming curiosity and creativity into inspiring projects,” said Michael Gurney, manager of corporate communications at the Port of Prince Rupert.