Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter releases its Christmas wish list

The Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter recently has made a wish list known to the public and businesses in the community.

The Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter recently has made a wish list known to the public and businesses in the community in hopes that this holiday season people will assist the volunteer service.

“We hate to ask people for financial help considering the times, but we have no choice. With the influx of domestics, mainly cats and even some dogs, it has and continues to put a strain on our budget. But it is tough to turn down anyone that does come to the shelter with these animals as they all need to be given that second chance,” said Gunther and Nancy Golinia, who have operated the Wildlife Shelter for more than 20 years now, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing thousands of birds, wild animals and domestic pets back into the wild, or into a new home.

“We wish to thank all of you that continue to support the shelter and its work over so many years. But it is a continuing struggle with the increasing cost to operate. This past year we have had a tough time with our fundraising, as people everywhere are


The wish list consists of wild bird seed of any kind or sunflower seeds, wood chips/shavings for animal bedding, cat litter (clumping) Truly mauve box for multi cats at Zellers or Arm and Hammer clumping litter, dry or canned dog food, dry and canned cat food, preferably Fancy Feast, Purina, Iams, or Medi Cal, frozen mice (can be found at Leanne’s Pet Shop), cat beds and toys, dog collars and leashes, cracked corn or whole corn and hulled oats (can be found at Home Hardware) blankets, towels, comforters, bleach/palmolive, or Ivory dish soap, Clorox or Lysol wipes, garbage bags, paper towels, and Kleenex.

Additionally, the shelter is in need of office supplies such as pens, writing pads, computer paper, and sticky notes, as well as gift certificates for building supplies from Home Hardware or Rona.

Additionally, the shelter is always in need of financial contributions, as it costs approximately $200 for each spaying/neutering and shots done at the shelter for each animal.

Anyone wishing to donate money or any of the items listed above can call the Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter at 250-624-4143, or e-mail at