Programs prove popular at local library

Programs prove popular at local library

Total number of members at Prince Rupert Library drops however

The Prince Rupert Public Library published their 2018 Annual Report this week, highlighting the moves and changes made during the past year while also taking a look ahead to future plans.

Total membership for the library went down from over 9,000 to 8,514. New membership went up compared to the previous year however, with 381 people joining the library in 2018.

The number of children in programs also increased significantly, up over 600 registrants to 1,697 during the year. Adults in programs went up slightly since 2017, from 1,217 to 1,271.

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In the report, chairperson Glen Groulx praised the many community groups operating out of the library, such as the Adult Literacy Program, Children’s programs, and clubs like knitting and photography.

Along with chief librarian Joe Zelwietro, Groulx also outlined the library’s plan to come up with a multi-year strategic plan. The goal will be to determine a path for future board members and staff, as well as strengthen and build relationships in the community.

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The library’s relationship with technology was also a focus. With more day to day life revolving around the online realm, the library said they will be offering more online resources and lessons so that everyone is able to participate in the digital push.

Inclusivity was a common theme throughout the report, with the library highlighting its ability to offer learning services to low income residents, or people who might not otherwise be able to access essential services.

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