Mz. Judged 2011.

Mz. Judged 2011.

Mz. Judged takes to the stage in Prince Rupert

The men all wanted them and the women all wanted to be them.

The men all wanted them and the women all wanted to be them.

They were the 12 2011 Mz Judged contestants, who on November 4 participated in a mock-beauty pageant to help raise funds for the North Coast Transition Society.  The event, which was produced in association with Habour Theatre Society, was held in November as part of the White Ribbon Campaign month, a month where men speak out against violence against women.

For the Mz Judged pageant, the 12 contenders competed in four different portions of the show: the talent portion, swimsuit, evening gown and interviews. Mz Understood (Gary Coons), Cleopatra (Christine White) and Judgy Wudgy (David Smook) made up the judge panel, ultimately deciding the “girls” fate, with the Fabulous Cher Estrada (Rudy Kelly) being the sidesplitting emcee for the evening. The “ladies” started off the competition with a group dance before moving on to the talent portion.

Mz Pancetta took the stage first, “taking the kitchen back” with her cooking talents. She asked Cher Estrada to join her for her talent, helping Mz Pancetta add the miscellaneous ingredients including a frozen fish and eggs together. Cher Estrada cleverly added that “you can beat eggs, but you can’t beat women”.

Mz Lola (Hondo Arendt) took the stage next, showcasing her singing talents with The Kinks “Lola”.

Three of the lovely ladies, Mz Anita Tuck (Mike Pucci), Mz Dawn Keebals (Greg Sheppard) and Mz Sharon Huzbands (Mike McMillan) performed next, playing an acoustic guitar, the banjo and an electric guitar all while fighting over Jordon Stromdohl.

The beautiful Mz Demeanor (Justin Hindson) was next up, showing off her country singing and dancing skills to Miley Cyrus’ Hoedown Throwdown.

Mz Remembered (Steve Maguire) then took the stage, performing Canadian-musician Amanda Marshall’s hit song “I Believe in You” on guitar in a lovely evening gown.

The hilarious Mz Taken Nightly (Keith Lambourne) showcased her opera skills with an interesting version of “It’s Raining Men”. Before starting, she had some under-dress help raising her voice.

Next up was Mz Gaga (Kenn Long) whose talent was of course singing and dancing. The pop star-inspired competitor performed “Bad Romance”, memorizing many dance moves straight out of the song’s music video.

Mz Tree (Taylor MacKenzie) was up next, showing off her archery “talents”.

Madonna, gymnastics and juggling were incorporated in Mz Anita Zee Planner’s (Zeno Krekic) talent, with balls flying out into the crowd.

Finally, Mz Spelled (Shaun Thomas) took the stage, performing a rendition of “Red Neck Women”, changing the lyrics hilariously to suit Prince Rupert for “Rupert Woman”.

The second half of the show started off with the swimsuit portion of the competition, with each girl being brought to centre stage to show off their rocking female bodies, before the group performed another dance to “Fever”. It was then time for seven contestants to be eliminated.

The final five contestants were Mz. Anita Zee Planner, Mz. Gaga, Mz. Demeanor, Mz. Remembered, and Mz Spelled. The five lovely ladies then moved on the interview portion, answering questions such as “If you could bring one item to a dessert island what would it be?” and “What would you rather be, less beautiful and more smart, or more smart and less beautiful?”

In the end, Mz Gaga was crowned the winner of the 2011 Mz Judged competition. The amount raised from the Mz Judged contest was unavailable as of press time. Look in this Friday’s Northern Connector.