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'Lovely ladies' compete to support transition house

Perhaps it was her grace, her elegance, her poise and her beauty that captured the imagination of the judges.
The Rubntug sisters

Perhaps it was her grace, her elegance, her poise and her beauty that captured the imagination of the judges.

Or perhaps it was her long, flowing ... beard.

Whatever it was, Mz. Anita Rubntug (Josh Mossini) stood alone as Mz. Judged 2015 following a thoroughly entertaining and laugh-filled pageant at the Lester Centre of the Arts on Friday night.

Mz. Anita Rubntug was one of a record 18 “lovely ladies” seeking the crown during the competition, which kicked off with a song by emcee Cher Estrada (Rudy Kelly). Following the song, the sold-out crowd blew the roof off the theatre as the ladies made their way out for a dance routine that included some, we’ll say, provocative moves on chairs on the stage.

After introducing the judges — former contestant Mz. Hap (Doug Kydd), Mama Cass (Lyle McNish) and Little Miss Muffet (Angelica Jesser), it was time for the talent show. And to say none of the ladies disappointed would be an understatement.

Mz. Terious Backwoods (Dallas Allison) got things going by singing and dancing to “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra, which was followed by a display of baseball prowess by Mz. Iva Set (Callum Vetter) and a showgirl-esque dance routine by a lingerie-outfitted Mz. Mounted (Manny Bourque). A pair of duos, a first in Mz. Judged talent competition history, was next as Mz. Anita Rubntug and her sister Mz. Amanda Rubntug (Kendall Mossini) brought some country flavour to the stage with their dance routine, followed by an appearance by Mz. Hoes Down (Brody Bishop) and Mz. Ivanna Rimmer (Craig Rimmer) as 80’s hip hop duo Salt n’ Peppa performing both “Shoop” and “Push It”.Mz. Duh Boat (Dwayne Nielsen) impressed the judges and the audience with a high-energy dance routine, including the worm and some Russian dances performed in high heels, while Mz. Anne V. Gina (Amor Kloppers) showed her medical background by operating on, saving, kissing and then killing a patient to tunes that included “Like A Surgeon”, “Dr. Feelgood” and “Bad Medicine”.

The show took a more mature turn with Mz. Communication (David Walraven) performing a 50 Shades of Grey inspired monologue that was a bit too much for Mz. Hap to take, and that was followed up with Mz. Di Agnosed (Chris Melenberg) proving she ain’t no Holla Back Girl in another well done dance routine. Mz. Studfinder (Wade Niesh) tried to build a rocking-horse cowboy to ride and, although it fell apart at the end, it didn’t stop her from saving a horse by riding a cowboy, a much different routine than the rollerblade and ribbon dance next performed by Mz. Dixie Normous (Dakota Piche) and Mz. Palm Bomb (Devin Palmer) and the Single Ladies dance performed by Mz. Chastity Faith (Julius Lama)

Mz. Chalk-a-Lot (Patrick Lindquist) had the audience in stitches with her story about the wooing efforts of “bylaw boy”, while Mz. Trial (Julian Dudley) brought some class to the stage with a ballet number that included cow print tights and a tutu. The final performer of the night, Mz. Messy (Kendall Wing), showed there was more than meets the eye with a dance that started sweet and innocent in a boat but ended in her underwear as dollar bills rained down on the stage.

After a swimsuit competition that allowed the competitors to show a more cheeky side to their personality, in more ways than just a ribbon dance, it was time for the judges to reveal their Top 5. Although runners-up, in order, Mz. Palm Bomb, Mz. Terious Backwoods, Mz. Anne V. Gina and Mz. Ivanna Rimmer all held their own in the question portion, it was Mz. Anita Rubntug that wowed the judges.

And while Mz. Judged 2015 took home a crown, flowers and a gift basket, the real winner of the night was the North Coast Transition Society, which was able to raise approximately $35,000 to provide support to women and children in the community.