Mz. Bee Gotten (Duane Jackson)

Mz. Bee Gotten (Duane Jackson)

Contestants preparing for Prince Rupert’s Mz. Judged 2013

Thirteen beautiful "ladies" will be competing for the title of Mz. Judged 2013 later this week.

Thirteen beautiful “ladies” will be competing for the title of Mz.. Judged 2013 later this week.

The North Coast Transition Society is putting on the event to help raise funds for the Transition House, a safe haven for women and children who are survivors of violence. The event helps raise money and awareness about a serious issue, in a fun way.

“It’s guaranteed laughs, and a guaranteed great time,” Grainne Barthe of the North Coast Transition Society said.

Mz.Judged will follow the standard beauty pageant format, with the 13 contestants competing in evening gown, talent and bikini portions of the show. The top five “girls” will face off in a final question round.

This year’s participants are Vern Barker (Mz. Fit), Josh Brownlee (Mz. Leigh Ding), Jordan Burrows (Mz. Firedup), Gary Coons (Mz. Understood 2013), Tim Dressel (Mz. Mixalot), Rob Gruber (Mz. Good Times), Duane Jackson (Mz. Bee Gotten), Doug Kydd (Mz. Hap), James McNish (Mz. Stake), Michal Sluka (name to be announced), Dwight Stewart (Mz. Apprehension), Chrystopher Thompson (Mz. Ellainious) and Eric Yates (Mz. Forget Me Not).

Chad Estrada (Rudy Kelly) will be emcee of the pageant, with three judges deciding the winner of the mock-beauty pagaent.

All contestants are first-timers, aside from Coons who participated in a similar fundraising event  a number of years ago, coming back under the same name in hopes of redemption. Mz. Understood 2013 believes “her” experience will give her the edge.

“For 13 years in a row I was the BC cattlemen’s miss rump roast award winner,” Mz. Understood 2013 said.

“I think I’ll win because of my ass-sets … there’s no ifs, ands or butts about it, I feel I am going to win the competition.”

Gruber, or Mz. Good Times, said “she” believes the other contestants are breath-taking, but not nearly as much as herself.

“I am fabulous. I think if the legendary Chad Estrada has any pull with the judges, I might have a leg up. He’s been hitting on me a lot lately,” Mz. Good Times said.

“We’ve got a few fantastic dancers, and some with beautiful bodies. But no one has the complete package like Mz. Good Times.”

While Kydd, or Mz. Hap, isn’t as confident as some of the other contenders, “she” is sure of one thing.

“There’s some pretty scary-looking contestants,” Mz. Hap said.

“It will be a lot of fun, highly entertaining and something most of the contestants will want to forget after it’s over.”

Mz. Understood 2013 may believe she will be crowned the winner, but she is concerned that other participants have had practice from dressing up in “hot club dresses and make-up” before going to the bars on the weekends.

“I’ve been working hard to bring awareness to issues of women and violence. Most of the contestants I’m competing against have already been out there for many years on Saturday nights dressing up,” Mz. Understood said.

Mz. Judged is held in November which is White Ribbon Campaign month, when men speak in opposition of violence against women.

“Sometimes it can hard for men to take that role of speaking out, so in virtue of participating in the show they’re supporting the entire cause,” Barthe said.

“I think it’s important for everybody in society to understand the issue of violence against women and children,” Coons said.

“I do get the chance to help a lot of fortunate kids here at Good Times Games, with parents that have good jobs and come from supportive families. I don’t always get to help kids that really need help. This is my way of helping kids [I wouldn’t normally] have access to, kids that really need it,” Gruber said.

Mz. Judged is the North Coast Transition Society’s biggest fundraiser, taking place every two years. Contestants are asked to pledge a minimum of $100, with admission costs also going toward the fundraising efforts.

The 2011 Mz. Judged raised more than $15,000.

The winner of Mz. Judged 2013 will be named on Friday, Nov. 8 at Lester Centre of the Arts. The pagaent will begin at 7 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at Cook’s Jeweller’s and the Lester Centre of the Arts beforehand, and at the door.