Truck strike at Port of Vancouver didn’t impact Prince Rupert

The Port Metro Vancouver truckers' strike won't have any effect on port operations in Prince Rupert.

The Port Metro Vancouver truckers’ strike won’t have any effect on port operations in Prince Rupert.

More than 300 unionized truck drivers almost entirely cut-off traffic to Port Metro Vancouver earlier this month, demanding better pay and an end to lengthy waits that they aren’t paid for. The striking truckers joined independent truckers who have been protesting outside Vancouver’s port since Feb. 26.

While Port Metro Vancouver is seeing its operations affected by the strike, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is not anticipating any impacts to its operations.

“We don’t foresee any significant diversion because of the strike in Vancouver in the near term,” said Michael Gurney, manager of corporate communications for the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Gurney said there is no indication a similar situation could occur in Prince Rupert.

“The relationship between terminal operators, the Port Authority and our labour organizations in Prince Rupert continues to be strong,” he said.