Port tonnage down more than eight per cent in 2014

The ort's monthly stats show nearly 12 per cent fewer tonnes were handled in Prince Rupert last month compared to May 2013.

Prince Rupert terminals experienced both increases and decreases in cargo volumes in May, which translated into an overall drop in tonnage.

The Port of Prince Rupert’s monthly stats show nearly 12 per cent fewer tonnes were handled in Prince Rupert terminals last month compared to May 2013, and a dip of about 8.5 per cent in tonnage during the first five months of 2014 when stacked up against the same time span in 2013.

Fairview Terminal saw a 25 per cent rise in twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) passing through last month, totalling 51,416 TEUs in contrast to 41,249.25 in May 2013.

At the end of May, an increase of just under 3.8 per cent was recorded for the number of TEUs moved through Fairview, with May’s year-to-date total being 228,227.5 TEUs compared to 219,941 in 2013.

Imports were up by nearly 24 per cent last month as 29,475 TEUs were imported last month in contrast to 23,819.25 in May 2013. Year-over-year there have been an 11.6 per cent increase, with 135,595.25 TEUs coming through Fairview by the end of last month and 121,475.75 in 2013.

Exports were up by nearly 26 per cent this May, with 21,941 TEUs going out of Prince Rupert up from 17,430 in May 2013. Of that, there were 14,131.25 loaded TEUs and 7,809.75 empty TEUs. Year-over-year there has been close to six per cent fewer TEUs exported from Fairview, with 92,632.25 TEUs leaving in the first five months of 2014 and 98,465.25 in 2013.

Last month saw a steep drop in tonnage from the harbour, with no logs being handled at the operation. Slightly under 89,648 tonnes of logs went through the operation in May 2013.

While the the operation didn’t move any logs last month, it did move 1,105.35 tonnes of steel pipe.

As of May 31, 155,542.4 tonnes of cargo was handled through the harbour in 2014, which is down nine per cent from the 170,448.7 tonnes handled in the same amount of time in 2013.

Cargo volumes at Ridley Terminal also declined by 40.35 per cent. Last month 830,659 tonnes were moved at the coal export facility, down from 1,392,517 tonnes in May 2013. In 2014’s first five months, 3,742,420 tonnes were moved, just over 27 per cent lower than the 5,143,453 tonnes handled by May 2013’s end.

Prince Rupert Grain experienced a 47.5 per cent climb in cargo last month, up from May 2013’s tonnage of 463,131 to slightly over 683,164. Just under 2,763,944 tonnes went through the terminal year to date, a 12.6 per cent hike from 2,454,298.6 tonnes by the end of May 2013.

Westview Terminal saw 51,143 tonnes of wood pellet going through the operation last month, which brought the year to date total to 183,040 tonnes.

All together, approximately 2,080,231.5 tonnes of cargo were handled by terminals last month, equating to 9,130,333 tonnes year-to-date.